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Women in diplomatic and consular corps

Wednesday، 16 February 2022 - 01:41 PM

The Egyptian woman has become a role model in all international forums in various fields, the conscience of the nation and its pulse, and the faithful guardian of the Egyptian identity.. She is the bond and hope in every crisis that the state has gone through.. She was, and still is, the protective shield against everyone who tries to undermine the resolve of this country.” With these words, President Sisi opened his speech at the celebration of Egyptian women and Mother’s Day this year. With these words, the president summarized the developments that the Egyptian woman has witnessed in society since 2014, and the economic and political empowerment of women assuming leadership positions in ministries and government institutions.

In this report, we review the history of women's work in Egyptian diplomacy from the 1960s to the present.

The representation of women in the Egyptian diplomatic corp has reached about 30% of the total number of diplomats.

Women take up high leadership positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where two female ambassadors hold the position of Assistant Foreign Minister, and many female diplomats occupy other leadership positions, among which, for example, 18 of them held positions Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.

More than ten female ambassadors take up the position of head of a diplomatic mission and consul general abroad, including Ambassador Eman Mostafa, Egypt's ambassador to Nepal, Amal Murad, Egypt's ambassador to Chile, Heba El Marassi, Egypt's ambassador to India, Nadi Draz - Egypt's ambassador to Malta, and Magda Baraka, Ambassador of Egypt to Bolivia.

There are also Dina El Sehy Ambassador of Egypt to New Zealand, Manal El Shennawy Ambassador of Egypt to Kazakhstan, and Noha Khedr, Ambassador of Egypt to Senegal.

In addition, Ambassador Amira Fahmy, is Ambassador of Egypt to Uzbekistan, Amal Afifi Ambassador of Egypt to Benin, Alia Burhan Ambassador of Egypt in Mauritius, And Abeer Suleiman, Consul General of Egypt in Hamburg.


The Egyptian diplomacy is replete with honorable models, with female ambassadors holding prominent leadership positions, such as Ambassador Mervat Al-Talawi, former Secretary-General of the National Council for Women, and Ambassador Naela Gabr, former foreign minister assistant, and head of the National Committee to Combat Illegal Migration and Human Trafficking.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was at the forefront of state institutions that gave Egyptian women the opportunity to advance and excel.

Hoda Al-Marassi was the first Egyptian diplomat to begin the career ladder from a diplomatic attaché in 1961 until she was appointed as an ambassador in the Italian capital, Rome, in the early nineties.

The appointment of Dr. Aisha Ratib as the first ambassador For Egypt abroad as a luminous imprint in the history of Egyptian women’s work.

Women’s representation reached 50%, bringing their number in the diplomatic corps to about 248 members, with an increase of 33%, in recent batches join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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