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Bright Models

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Egypt has giant geniuses creators and athletes who have overcome their disabilities and pain, having significant in their fields.

Those creators include the General of Arabic literature Taha Hussein, writer Mustafa Sadiq El Rafii, Musician Ammar al-Shari'i, great composer Sayed Makkawi, and the radio player Reda Abdel Salam, in addition to our heroes from Athletes such as the swimmer Mustafa Ibrahim Khalil, Rab'a Sharif Othman and others.

Taha Hussien, the Dark defeater

Taha Hussein was born on 14th November 1889, in Ezbet al-Kilo, near Maghagha, Minya Governorate, in Upper Egypt.

He was the seventh of his 13 brothers, and he lost his eyesight, became blind since his childhood.

 He memorized the Qur'an in the village school at the age of nine.

 He is a writer, thinker, political poet and Egyptian critic, he nicknamed as the Dean of Arab Literature, and he considered one of the cornerstones in the formation of contemporary Arabic mind, and the formulation of intellectual life in the Arab world and a key feature of the modern Arab literature features.

Hussien was the creator of the biography with his book “ Al- Ayam” Published 1929.

He also played a major social and political role in reviving Egyptian society and enlightening the Arabic mind, by early calling for free education, which he led under the slogan "Science as water and air is a right for everyone."

Ammar El Sherei

Egyptian musician, his full name is “Ammar Ali Mohamed Ibrahim Ali Al Sherai”, he was born on 16th April 1948 in Samalout, Minya Governorate.

He studied at the Model Center for the Care and Guidance of the Blind, got his Bachelor of Arts from the English Department of the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University in 1970.

Although he was blind, this disability did not prevent him from practicing his hobby he loved since his childhood

He learned oriental music sciences by a group of senior teachers in his secondary school, as part of an intensive program prepared by the Ministry of Education specifically for blind students who want to study music.

He started his career in 1970 as an accordion in a number of orchestras, then he became a new model in the challenge of disability by playing on keyboard due to the difficulty and complexity of this instrument and its dependence on vision, Later, “Ammar Al Shari'i” turned to music composition.

Sayed Mekkawi

He is one of the singing composers, who brought the talent of composing and singing together.

He was born on 8th May 1926, in Abdin district in Cairo, he was suffering from ophthalmia at the age of two, but his family did not have enough money to go to the ophthalmologist and because of this he lost his sight forever.

His father was singing lover, and had more than 3,000 records.

Sheikh Sayed received the Medal of Science and Arts of the first degree, and the Medal of Saddam of the Arts of the first degree.

He also has received certificates of appreciation from many artistic bodies such as the Egyptian Radio, Alexandria Radio, and special certificates for events such as childhood festivals and theater.

Sheikh Sayed died, as he was called, on 21 April 1997.

Swimmer Mustafa Ibrahim Khalil

An Egyptian swimmer born on April 4, 1958 in Imbaba District in Cairo, he had a train accident on March 8, 1971 that led to amputate his leg, but he did not give up and strive, participated in many international competitions and won many of them.

He was Graduated from Faculty of Commerce 1981, crossed the English Channel three times, including one against the tide in August 1994.

He succeeded in 1998 to cross the English Channel, to be the first swimmer of all disabilities at the level of the world to succeed in crossing the English Channel three times, including one against the tide.

Ibrahim Hamdto

Ibrahim Hamadto, the Paralympic table tennis player, started his life as a natural person, born in Damietta Governorate, but his life did not continue normal, as he had  a train accident in 1983 that caused amputation of his arms when he was ten years old

He practiced football as his lower parts wasn’t injured in the accident, but he did not last for long time in it because of the absence of a source of protection for him without his arms.

For 3 years, he tried to play table tennis by grabbing the racket with his arm, but eventually he settled for grabbing the racket with his mouth and the ball with his foot, devoting his time to training and increasing his confidence.

Hamdto graded in the tournaments until he participated in the 2013 African Championship and Egypt International Championship, winning the silver medal.

He also received the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Award for Sports Innovation and was taken as a symbol of strength and conquering the impossible, until the governor of Damietta named the gym in Ras al-Barr after his name.

Weightlifter Sharif Othman- Leader Of Records

He was born on 15th September 1982, Minya Governorate, Upper Egypt.


He defied the difficulties in order to achieve a new Paralympic medal, after winning two gold medals in the Beijing 2008, and London 2012 sessions, to win a third gold from the jungles of the Amazon and samba countries.


Egyptian weightlifter Sherif Othman won the gold medal in the 59-kg weightlifting competition in the Rio Paralympic tournament for men.


Sharif came in first place, after lifting the weight of 203 kg, breaking the Olympic record of 193, and Othman gold was The first gold that Egypt reaps in the Paralympics.

Randa Taj El Din- Weight Lifting Monster

She was born on 20th august 1987 in Ismailia Governorate.


she started practicing sports in 2001 through Al-Azmeh club in Ismailia and then the Telecom Egypt club, then she joined the Egyptian national team in the year 2005.


She got the following tournaments:


* The gold medal in the 2006 world championships in Korea, juniors.


* The silver medal in the world championships in Korea in 2006, general.


* The gold medal in the Arab Championship in Egypt in 2007.


* The silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Games.


* The gold medal in the UAE Fazaa Championship in 2010.


* The gold medal in the Fazaa Championship in the UAE in 2012.


* The silver medal in the London session in 2012.


* The gold medal in Fazaa Championship in the UAE in 2013.


* The gold medal in the world championship in 2014.


* The gold medal in the Fazaa Championship in the UAE in 2015.


* Gold medal in the African Championship in the Congo in 2015.


* The gold medal in the UAE Fazaa Championship in 2016.

Mohamed El-Deep- weightlifting Champion

He was born on 1st July 1978, Gharbia Governorate.

He started practicing sport in 2001 through Al Salam Club in Tanta, playing for the following clubs: Al Salam Club Tanta, Samad Talkha, Al Dakhiliya Club, Military Production Club, Al Minya Club, Telecom Egypt Club, and he was part of the Egyptian national team in 2007.

He received the following medals:

* The gold medal in the first Maghreb championship in 2009.

* The gold medal in the African Championship in Egypt in 2009.

* The silver medal in the 2010 Fazaa Championship.

* Silver medal in world championship in Malaysia in 2010.

* The silver medal in the 2011 Fazaa Championship.

* Gold medal in the championship of Khor Fakkan in the Emirates in 2011.

* The gold medal in the 2012 Fazaa Championship.

* The gold medal in the London session in 2012.

* The silver medal in the world championship in the Emirates in 2014.

* Gold medal in the African Championship in the Congo in 2015.

* The gold medal in the UAE World Cup 2015.

Fatma Omar.. History Maker

She was born on October 6, 1973, began practicing weightlifting more than 20 years ago, and was able to participate in 6 consecutive Paralympic, winning 4 gold medals in the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Athens 2004, Beijing 2008, London 2012, Rio de Janeiro 2016, and Tokyo 2021.

She was named the best athlete more than once in the International Paralympic Committee records in 2012, and the world record holder in the weight of 56 kg.

She won the following tournaments:

* Gold Medal in the 2000 Paralympic Games in Sydney

* Gold medal at the 2004 Paralympic Games in Athens

* Gold medal at the 2008 Paralympic Games in Beijing

* Gold medal in the Paralympic Games in London 2012

* Silver medal in the African Paralympic Games in Congo 2015.

* Silver medal at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

* Silver medal in the Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2021

Power Lifter Metwaly Mathana

He was Born in November 30, 1974, in Menoufia Governorate, he started weightlifting at the age of 10, playing for the Egyptian national team since 1996, and won many medals, including:

* Silver medal at the 1996 Paralympic Games in Atlanta.

* Bronze medal at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

* Silver Medal in Malaysia International Championship 2013.

* Silver medal in the World Championships in Dubai in 2014.

* The gold medal in the Fazza Championship in the UAE in 2015.

* Gold medal in the 2015 Paralympic Games in Congo.

Reda Abdul Salam, Head Of Quran Kareem Radio

He is a distinguished broadcaster on “Quran Kareem” Radio for more than 25 years, although he was born with dystrophy in his arms. He is the first broadcaster on the air with this disability in the world. .

He obtained a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of "Al Daawa Al Islamiya", in addition to memorizing the Holy Qur’an in childhood. He also obtained a Master’s degree and is preparing for his Ph.D.

“Abdul Salam” presented dozens of historical programs on "Quran kareem” Radio, in addition to his coverage of the Hajj events in 2006, his coverage of the largest international Holy Quran competitions in Dubai, and his coverage of “Isra and Mi’raj” occasion directly from the Grand Mosque in 2001, in addition to religious evenings and other talk shows.

The Miracle Child.. Rania Saleh

she named the "Miracle Child" because of her genius and talent in programming and computers, despite being Down syndrome which make her mental age does not exceed three years.

She is the only one in the world in “Down” who has the International Computer License and owner of a free computer education center.

Her talent reached the Ministry of Education, and she won many awards, including the Young Programmer Competition for the Software Industry, and the Young Arab Creator Competition in Electronic Publishing.

She was also assigned by the Directorate of Education in Sharqia governorate, with an official letter, to train intellectual education students affiliated with the governorate.

Mazen Hamza.. Challenging Alps

Mazen Hamza was born in Iraq during the Gulf War, so he did not get vaccinated against polio, which results in infecting a movement disability, he joined the school and was practicing swimming and participated in the choir team at Opera House, and all this gained him strong confidence in himself and made him lead a normal life.

Climbing “Khufu” pyramid was his beginning, as he climbed it carrying a plate written on it (Where are the rights of people with disabilities), then he climbed Saint Catherine Mountain within eight hours, accompanied by an Italian team that encouraged him, after which he received an invitation from one of the institutions in South Korea to participate in the Peace Conference for Youth.

He traveled to the conference and obtained a certificate stating that he is an important person in societal peace in the Middle East, then he returned to Egypt and find 834,000 vote for him to participate in a competition for a telecom company to achieve his dream of climbing “Alps”.

He traveled to Switzerland and ascended in “Alps Mountains” within three days, and when he returned to Cairo, he found a great reception from those interested in people with disabilities, and became bearing the title of "Adventurer".

Omar Hijazi.. Swan with one Leg “Jordan to taba”

Omar Hegazy, a swimming legend, lost his left leg in a car accident on April 30, 2017, he succeeded in swimming from the Jordanian port of Aqaba to the Egyptian city of Taba, and covered a distance of 20 kilometers with one leg in 8 hours.

He was living a normal life until he had an accident while riding his motorcycle, in which he lost his left leg, which was amputated above the knee.

He decided to promote tourism in Egypt and thought about swimming from Jordan to Taba, and his dream came true, he traveled a distance of 20 kilometers from swimming with one leg from the Jordanian city of Aqaba to the Egyptian city of Taba in 8 hours, he became the first Egyptian to cross this distance, which qualifies him eo enter the “Guinness Records”.

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