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Ottoman Era

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

In 1517, Sultan Selim I entered Egypt and he regulated rule in Egypt via dividing power among three bodies. The Wali, the governor, is the deputy of the Sultan in Egypt and he was appointed for 3 years only. His mission was to carry out the orders of the sultan, send Jezia and lead the armies.

The Divan consisted of the major officers in the Ottoman army, major employees, scholars (Ulama) and landowners. The Divan's mission was to help the Wali in ruling the country and it had the veto right to the Wali's decisions besides calling for dismissing him.

The Mamlukes led the local departments, as the Ottomans wanted to make use of their experience in running the affairs of the country.

When Ali Bey Al-Kabir assumed the office of Skeikh Al-Balad, ruler of the country, he allied with Sheikh Daher Al-Omar in Palestine against the Ottoman sultan and expelled the Ottoman Wali and announced Egypt's independence.

Ali Bey Al-Kabir managed to extend his influence to Al-Hejaz and Yemen and sent an army under the leadership of Muhammad Bey Abuda Dahab. Yet, the Ottomans managed to convince Abuda Dahab of allying with them against Ali Bey Al-Kabir, hence Egypt returned an Ottoman state.

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