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Sultan al-Nasir Muhammad Ibn Qala'un Mosque

Tuesday، 14 June 2022 - 11:40 PM

Nasir Muhammad Mosque has been built from nearly 700 years. It lies amid the Citadel. It was almost running past the southeast corner of the square or the spacious, which was known as the “red spacious”, in the face of the door of the Citadel .It has been encountered on the front with the great iwan of Nazareth in the north-west corner, and remained this mosque is the mosque of the castle until Mohamed Ali Pasha set up his own University. Nasir Muhammad has erected his mosque in the year 718 AH / 1318 AD.


 Architectural design:It consists of the planning area that is rectangular in shape with three entrances.

 The first one, included the main entrance and is located at the northern west and there is above it a board from a of marble that   written on it the date of the first building of the mosque which is 718 AH / 1318 year.

 The second section, is located in the Southern -west wall .It was being accessed from him to harem palaces Bowl, which is currently closed.


The third entrances is located at the northern -east. The facades of the mosque are free of any decorations.  This is not usual at this era. It has been also topped with balconies, and the mosque is considered one of the hanging mosque, even it has been found beneath it another floor and is currently closed.


 It’s construction is  similar to the first  early mosques, it consisted of an open middle yard surrounded by four iwans, the largest one is  of Qibla iwan , which is located in front of the Dome of the mihrab that mounted on a huge granite columns and a dome covered with it from the outside  with green tiles.


The mosque is distinguished by the presence of marble columns that are carrying the roof, which represent different era as: the Pharaonic, Ptolemaic and Romanian It has been used again with splendidness and magnificence.

 This mosque is also eminent by its wall that were decorated with mosaics, colored marble. These mosaics still there at both walls at the northern -east one and the south-west.


Finally, this mosque is eminent by its two unique minarets in comparison to any other Cairo minarets’.

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