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Pharaoh's bathroom...Sinai

Wednesday، 15 June 2022 - 01:31 PM
Pharaoh's bathroom...Sinai

There are many hot springs in Sinai, such as the Pharaoh’s Bath and the Baths of Moses, which are of historical importance. These baths also have a therapeutic importance due to their containing sulfurous water. Added to all of this is the moderate climate, the unique location on the shore of the Gulf of Suez, the sanctity of the region, and its special location in the heart of adherents of the three monotheistic religions

Pharaoh's bathroom:


Pharaoh's Baths are located on the Gulf of Suez, 250 km from Cairo. They are a group of hot sulfur water springs with a temperature of 27 C and flowing from Mount Pharaoh's Bath in the form of a pool with a capacity of approximately 3000 cubic meters per day and extending along the beach for a length of 100 metres.

It is adjacent to the sea water, and at the top there is a rock cave carved into the mountain that is used as a natural sauna due to the heat emanating from the hot sulfurous water from the bottom of the cave to the top.

By analyzing water in terms of its chemical, bacteriological and natural properties, its suitability and excellent effectiveness in treating many diseases was proven.

The most important of which are rheumatoid and rheumatism of all kinds, diseases of the digestive system, kidney diseases, lung allergies, liver diseases, skin diseases, and sports injuries, in addition to its benefits used for cosmetic purposes.

The concentration of sulfur in this water reaches a rate that is considered one of the highest rates of this element in mineral waters in the world. Added to all of this is the moderate climate throughout the year, the dry atmosphere, and the vast areas of warm sand that can be used in physical therapy, which is surrounded by a series of mountains.

These wonderful components were the impetus for establishing a tourist health resort under the name “Pharaoh’s Baths Resort” (still under construction).

 It is considered the first and unique of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East. It is a tourist village and an environmental treatment center, combining medical, recreational and sports tourism.

Treatment facilities at the center:

 -Exercise and massage therapy.

- Water therapy.

 -Body treatment.

 -Facial treatment.

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