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8 Years of Egypt’s Diplomatic Achievements

Sunday، 19 June 2022 - 03:53 PM

Egypt has restored its pioneering position on the regional, Arab and African levels thanks to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's policies and diplomacy.

The successful diplomatic policies adopted by the Egyptian leader to handle important issues and crises perfectly.

Egypt now has excellent ties with all countries thanks to Sisi's wise leadership and influential presence at all international events.

Sisi has been keen to adopt direct diplomacy successfully since he came to power.

Such diplomatic policies have contributed to cementing Egypt's fruitful ties with countries all over the world.

The great efforts made by Sisi to enhance Egypt's relations with Arab countries, like the president's different visits to Arab countries, namely Algeria and Saudi Arabia.

Such visits contributed to attracting investments and strengthening ties with all countries in different domains.

The President also paid several visits to different western countries such as France, Germany, Russia and the US, where he had fruitful talks and meetings with respective officials.

Sisi made outstanding endeavors to cement Egypt's ties with different countries with focus on issues related to health, environment, digitization, combat of terrorism, illegal immigration and human trafficking.

The Egyptian leader also worked on paying attention to developing bilateral ties with all countries worldwide to serve Egypt's interests, whether in African, neighboring or Arab countries. 

Sisi has efforts through launching initiatives on health, education, investment and trade and holding summits to help African countries under Egypt's presidency of the African Union.

Sisi also has played a vital role on peacekeeping and settling conflicts and disputes in Africa, also the president's support for African women and youth.

Sisi has spared no efforts to bring Egypt back to its influential position on the international arena.

Sisi's active participation at different summits and conferences to discuss challenges facing Africa and the region entirely.

Sisi also paid visits to Arab, African and European countries to cement bilateral ties and propel fruitful cooperation in all domains.

Sisi has wisely handled crises affecting the region, taking into consideration the interests of Egypt and peoples of the region.

Sisi has exerted great efforts to reach settlements to guarantee security, stability and peace for the region.

The President handled difficult security issues, including combat of terrorism, organized crimes, illegal immigration and human trafficking, and solve them successfully and perfectly.

Sisi's policies also contributed to having one of the strongest armies in the region, in addition to dealing wisely with developments in Libya, Sudan and South Sudan, among others.

The Egyptian leader played a vital role to achieve regional integration in Africa and the Arab world and managed to attract further investments and increase trade exchange with many countries.

Sisi has made great achievements over the past eight years on all levels related to foreign policy, security, military, political, economic and social domains.

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