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Conferences Tourism

Wednesday، 22 June 2022 - 11:27 AM

Conferences and Exhibitions Tourism represent an important kind of tourism together with Egypt’s geographical location with its political position a great opportunity to host dozens of international conferences annually in political, economic, cultural, medical and professional fields.

Conference tourism represents a significant type of tourism that involves high tourism revenues and provides a great opportunity to highlight the Egyptian tourist attraction through every international rally.

Cairo International Conference Center is a major illustrious façade for such type of tourism as the center is well equipped with the state-of-the-art technical facilities.

 A cooperation protocol have been signed between both the Center for Information and Decision Support with the Supreme Council of Antiquities Museum to create an information center for museums sector. It will included data on these museums, including the Egyptian Museum, Islamic Museum, and Coptic Museum to serve this kind of tourism.

Egypt has succeeded in attracting many international professional conferences, either those of the Federation of tourism companies at active tourism countries, or those associated with the various professional activities.

 The Egyptian General Authority for Exhibitions and Conferences, is the body entrusted with the work of organizing and hosting conferences and exhibitions inside and outside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Inspite of the difficulties that this kind of tourism faced after the 25th January revolution but it has succeeded in attracting many international professional conferences. As, it won the award from three years ago EMACS Exhibition 2012 at Germany for “Incentives, Conferences” that Egypt was branded on Africa and the Middle East level. This confirms the return of tourism conferences prestigious among different types tourism.

 This can be seen clearly through the success that has been achieved by the Sharm el-Sheikh Economic Conference (13-15 March 2015).

It is noteworthy that Egypt hosted the first international tourist exchange of the Mediterranean Stock Exchange.

It also hosted the First International Conference of the Mediterranean Business Women.

It also hosted the Federation of companies and organizations of tourism for the countries of Latin America Kotal, and the General Federation of travel agents and tour operators Italian (Alviavit) in Luxor.

 It also managed the conference center in attracting several international companies to organize exhibitions such as IIP Company English and German company, FAIRTRADE and a Dutch company in addition to organizing an exhibition of French products and German technology exhibition.

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