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Kalabsha axis in Aswan

Sunday، 03 July 2022 - 02:18 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi inaugurated on December 25, 2021 the Kalabsha axis in Aswan, as part of a number of development projects that were inaugurated during “Upper Egypt Week”.

The new axis is an integrated transverse axis linking the road network east and west of the Nile.

Economic feasibility of the project

-         -  The project reduces the distances between the Nile axes from 100 km to 25 km between the axis and the other.

-   -  The axis facilitates the movement of citizens and serves development projects and new urban communities.

-         -  The axis contributes to linking the western desert road to the western agricultural road (Cairo - Aswan) crossing the Nile River and the eastern agricultural road (Cairo - Aswan).

-         -  The axis contributes to transporting agricultural products from the farms of Wadi al-Naqra and East Nasr al-Nuba to the western desert road of Upper Egypt and reducing traffic congestion on the eastern agricultural road.

-         -  The axis serves villages in remote desert areas and helps increase urbanization, and serves the Kom Ombo sugar factory and the solar energy complex in Benban and Fars.


Important information about the new axis  
      - Its cost is EGP1.050 billion 
      - It is 23 km long and 21 meters wide 
      - It consists of 2 lanes in each direction
    - It includes 9 bridges, the most important of which are (the eastern agricultural road bridge - the Nile - a bridge on the western agricultural road - a bridge on the western desert road) and 5 tunnels to solve the intersections with secondary roads, canals and drains.

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