12 August 2022 11:59 AM

Sisi: July 3 turning point in Egypt's history

Sunday، 03 July 2022 - 09:16 PM
President Abdel Fattah El Sisi

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi stressed on Sunday that July 3, 2013, was a turning point in the history of Egypt, the region, and the world.


Meeting with a number of media professionals during the opening of the electric train project, Sisi noted Egypt was heading for a road of no return, pointing to some countries which took that way and suffered from chaos.


Sisi called for remembering how Egypt was nine years ago and how it is now.

President Sisi told media professionals that today's projects are part of Egypt's big plan to develop infrastructure and transport at a cost of over EGP 1 trillion.


The president pointed out that almost this amount was spent in the electricity sector to end any problem in this field.


He stressed the importance of these projects in a country that sees 2.5 million people increase every year, saying without these projects, the state would stop.


He further mentioned that the state works for reaching a better future.


President Sisi explained that Egypt, over the past three years, was working despite the global crises, facing all attempts of discrediting and sabotaging.


Egypt, despite all these crises and economic degradation, maintained its stability, the president said.


Responding to a question about how the state would be if no decision was taken on July 3, 2013, President Sisi said they [Muslim Brotherhood group] did not realize the meaning of a state, adding what all they thought about was how to agitate people in the streets.

Sisi pointed out that they were good at influencing the people to gain their votes and form groups for defaming and discrediting.



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