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National Political Dialogue

Sisi promised to participate in National Political Dialogue's final stages: NPD's technical-secretariat

Tuesday، 05 July 2022 - 11:47 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi has promised to participate in the final stages of a national political dialogue, which officially kicked off on Tuesday 5/7/2022, chairman of the National Political Dialogue's (NPD) technical-secretariat, Mahmoud Fawzy said.

Fawzy was speaking during the first meeting of the technical-secretariat, which is tasked with gathering and categorizing the issues to be debated during the dialogue's sessions, after presenting them to the dialogue's board of trustees for reviewal.
He said invitations had already been sent to political elites, journalists, artists, MPs, senators, clergymen, human rights activists, and pensioners, among others, to take part in the dialogue.
As for citizens' interaction, Fawzy revealed that about 110 response letters have so far been received from citizens, 65 from political parties, 62 from public figures, 38 from NGOs, 17 from lawmakers, 11 from syndicates, and five letters from ministries and government bodies.
He noted that proposed issues had been divided into three main themes, namely the political theme, which makes up 37.2 per cent of total proposals, the social theme 33.1 per cent, and the economic theme 29.7 per cent.
Fawzy added that the varied proposals included 228 ones accompanied with written visions, 136 participation requests, and 38 special requests that seek to execute a court ruling or present an issue before the Presidential Pardon Committee.
Today’s meeting comes in implementation of President Sisi’s call on the National Youth Conference management to carry out a comprehensive political dialogue to set priorities for a national plan of action.
The call, made at an annual “Egyptian Family Iftar” meeting during the holy month of Ramadan in late April, seeks a political dialogue with all national forces “without exception,” with findings to be submitted to the president.


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