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Egypt's Participation in the “Petersberg Climate Dialogue”

Sunday، 17 July 2022 - 02:16 PM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi heads to Berlin on Sunday 17/7/2022, upon an invitation from Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Olaf Scholz, to participate in the “Petersberg Climate Dialogue” on Monday, July 18, which is held under an Egyptian-German co-chairmanship.

The “Petersberg Climate Dialogue” is one of the important stations before convening the Climate Change Conference (COP27) next November in Sharm El-Sheikh, as it offers a chance for consultations and coordination among a large group of active states in efforts to combat climate change. Egypt’s invitation to co-chair this important forum comes in appreciation of its vital role, under the leadership of President El-Sisi, within the context of climate change negotiations over the past years.

The Berlin visit is expected to include a meeting between President El-Sisi and German officials, notably Chancellor Scholz, to discuss ways to foster closer bilateral relations across all levels, as part of the two countries’ commitment to strengthening cooperation and continuing intensive coordination on issues of mutual interest.

The visit comes to further advance the Egyptian-German partnership and reflects the two countries’ joint interest to strengthen cooperation in the field of climate protection and stability in the Middle East region.

The Activities

Sunday 17/7/2022

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi arrives in Berlin on Sunday 17/7/2022, upon an invitation from Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Olaf Scholz, to participate in the “Petersberg Climate Dialogue” on Monday, July 18, which is held under an Egyptian-German co-chairmanship, within the context of Egypt’s hosting of the Climate Change Conference (COP 27).

Upon his arrival in the German capital, the President was received by senior statesmen in Germany and members of the Egyptian Embassy in Berlin.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met in Berlin with the CEO and owner of Lürssen for maritime industries, Mr. Peter Lürssen, in the presence of Commander of the Strategic Command Ahmed Khaled and the supervisor of military industrialization as well as the Egyptian ambassador in Berlin Khaled Galal.

the meeting followed-up on cooperation frameworks between the Egyptian side and the German company, which has extensive expertise in the field of maritime industries and the development of arsenals, in addition to technical training programs and raising the capabilities of Egyptian cadres in those fields, in accordance with international standards in cooperation with one of the top companies in the world.

President El-Sisi stressed the importance that Egypt accords to cooperation with Lürssen, in light of the global professional reputation it has in the field of marine industries.

For his part, Mr. Lürssen expressed that he holds in high regard joint cooperation with Egypt in fields within the scope of the company’s business. This is in addition to the promising opportunities for direct investment in Egypt, especially in light of the comprehensive development carried out by the state in the infrastructure sectors over the past years.

Monday 18/7/2022

The High-Level Opening Session of the “Petersberg Climate Dialogue” in Berlin

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz witnessed, on Monday 18/7/2022, the opening of the High-Level Session of the 13th Petersburg Climate Dialogue (PCD13) in the German capital (Berlin).

President El-Sisi delivered a speech at the High-Level Opening Session of the "Petersberg Climate Dialogue" (PCD13)

Meanwhile, the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said that the climate change crisis is a pressing issue that should be confronted through adopting moderate solutions to fight climate change.

He added that it is important to pursue efforts to limit the Earth's warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, saying: “ This year, extreme weather and other disasters made it clearer than ever that it is important to exert all the necessary efforts to keep global temperatures under 1.5 degrees Celsius.”

He added that Germany has adopted an ambitious plan based on reducing carbon emissions, noting that his country pledges to become carbon-neutral by 2045.

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz highlighted that the war in Ukraine has been accompanied by a sharp rise in energy prices.

The opening session of the 13th Petersburg Climate Dialogue (PCD13)

FM Shoukry and his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock opened the PCD13, in which ministers and senior negotiators from representative countries are gathering to engage in climate dialogue following the SBs in Bonn and G7 Summit in June.

The 13th Petersburg Climate Dialogue (PCD13) is considered one of the important events to be held ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27), which is due to be held next November, in Sharm El Sheikh.

The German-hosted dialogue is considered a perfect opportunity for coordination and consultation among a large group of active states in efforts to combat climate change.

The Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said, in his speech at the inaugural meeting of the 13th Petersburg Climate Dialogue (PCD13), that the the PCD13 constitutes a turning point in facing climate change, pointing out that it comes at a very critical juncture on the world stage with unprecedented geopolitical tension taking its toll on energy prices, food security, and global supply chains, expressing his hope that the event will give the chance to address a number of climate issues ahead of the COP27..

Shoukry lauded all efforts made to help countries in facing climate change and building bridges of confidence, in cooperation with the United Nations in this context.

Shoukry said that he is seeking to make the 27th session of the Conference of the Parties (COP 27) to the UNFCCC, set for the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh from November 7 to 18, on top of the priorities at the international level, particularly in regard to helping developing countries in combating this vital and sensitive issue.

Shoukry underlined that the primary task lies in supporting all genuine efforts and main partners and gathering them in one place to discuss means of resolving this problem.

He further elaborated that he felt supportive and encouraging efforts in many regional forums to back this issue.

Shoukry stressed the need for all countries participating in the PCD13 to seek to bridge the gap related to the issue of climate change.

He also underlined the importance of mobilizing efforts to resolve this matter, referring to the meeting between President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the German Chancellor Olaf  Scholz.

He also hoped that today's discussions will reach an agreement that will result in finding a solution to the climate change crisis, calling on all participants to seize all available opportunities to discuss all topics related to the climate change to set the stage for the COP27.

Shoukry also thanked German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock for her active participation in the success of the Petersburg Climate Dialogue, stressing that her cooperation had a significant impact on the success of the dialogue. 

The Egyptian foreign minister stressed the necessity of taking decisive steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Shoukry said that a report on adaptation to climate change stated that the adaptation gap is increasing and that climate change faces many difficulties, a matter that leads to huge and immutable losses, in addition to the funding gap, which is also growing.

Shoukry added that at the same time, world countries are dealing with a geopolitical situation that affects energy and food prices, noting that this comes at a time, countries are still trying to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic after two years since its onset.

He asserted that "Taking into account all these reasons, the matter has become more urgent, and we must now prove our strong political commitment, which was outlined when we held the Ministerial Meeting on Implementation in May in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as during the 6th Ministerial on Climate Action (MoCA) in Stockholm."

Shoukry added that in these two meetings, the participating ministers expressed a clear political commitment and their awareness of the importance of fulfilling commitments and striking an acceptable balance in terms of building confidence between all parties to deal with the various components related to climate change.

He further noted that the countries participating in the Glasgow Summit felt frustrated as the summit has not done enough in this regard to provide compensation for losses and damages, stressing that the financial component of the damages should be dealt with in a way acceptable to all parties.

He went on to say that it is also important that our discussions should assert the world's acceptance of all parties to deal with this issue.

He also hoped that the Berlin-hosted meeting will deal with this important issue in a way that could lead to a path towards more effective and substantial measures to deal with this matter, particularly within the framework of the COP27, set for Sharm El Sheikh in November. 

Shoukry said that Egypt is seeking to achieve the best results from COP27, urging all parties to implement the long-term strategies and make its indicators consistent with the Paris Agreement.

Shoukry said that in light of Egypt's presidency of COP27, it is necessary to talk about social protection for groups that are most affected by climate change, noting that the climate summit to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh could come out with many results that will pave the way for future achievements in this regard.

As for the issue of climate finance, Shoukry said "We seek to ensure the full contribution of all countries in this regard," adding Egypt, in light of its hosting of the climate summit, is confident that this summit will provide a powerful impetus and a clear political will to face climate change.

Shoukry stressed that the participation of non-governmental parties is very important, so an 11-day agenda has been set for the COP27 to discuss all different issues, including financing, decarbonization, energy, biodiversity, empowering civil society, climate and the environment. These meetings will be led by a number of Egyptian ministers and senior officials, he noted.

Shoukry said that the German foreign minister also addressed how to benefit from renewable energy not only as a source to mitigate the effects of climate change, but also to achieve sustainable development that can benefit developed and developing countries at the same time.

For her part, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock delivered a speech, asserting that climate change is the most serious international security issue of our time as it threatens the lives of millions of people – it threatens peace and stability worldwide.

She highlighted that Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine is exacerbating a global energy and food crisis that is pushing millions into poverty, hunger and starvation.

She said: “Germany will continue to do its part – through our own contributions and by pushing for action and transparency with other contributors,” adding that “Together with our Egyptian partners, we worked hard to host Petersberg Climate Dialogue that puts us on track for a successful COP27.

Addressing the opening session of Petersburg Climate Dialogue, Interim Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Ibrahim Tiao asserted that climate change has influenced all world countries and dealing with clean and renewable energy is a must.

The world is now facing a gross crisis in food, energy and inflation along with the impact of Covid-19 pandemic, he said, adding that despite such challenges the world can never turn a blind eye to the impact of climate change.

He also pressed for working hard to decrease the carbon emissions by 45 percent before the year 2030, noting that the current rate of emissions at 14 percent is a worrying matter.

Tiao also called for doubling funding to cope up with the impact of climate change, noting that there is a dire need for achieving progress in government negotiations as soon as possible

A Joint Press Conference

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi participated, on Monday 18/7/2022, in a joint press conference with the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the headquarters of the German Chancellery in Berlin.

President El-Sisi delivered a Speech at the joint press conference with the German Chancellor, in which he asserted that Egypt is determined to move forward in boosting its partnership with Germany, referring to the fact that the past few years have witnessed a qualitative shift in the partnership between the two countries.

He said Egypt is moving ahead with all its power toward strengthening relations with Germany, adding that "German companies are involved in many mega projects in Egypt, and we have agreed to lay the foundations for a strong partnership between the two countries in the field of energy."

He asserted that the present critical international conditions require keeping the consultation channels open, pointing to the continuation of consultations and close coordination with Germany to face challenges.

He explained that the talks dealt with many files of common concern, including measures taken by Egypt to host the UN climate conference, COP27, in Sharm el-Sheikh in November, in addition to regional issues related to stability and security, including the Palestinian problem, the conflicts in Libya and Yemen and the economic repercussions of the Ukrainian crisis.

President El-Sisi said: "I've assured the German chancellor that Egypt is determined to exert all efforts, in coordination with the brothers, to settle all the region's crises,"  noting that "the international arena is witnessing challenges and we must keep contact channels open to confront them."

He added that "The current situation requires everyone to take responsibility to alleviate crises and challenges facing us."

He, also, thanked Chancellor Schulz and the German government for the warm reception and hospitality accorded to him.

President El-Sisi said that he held fruitful talks with the German chancellor within the framework of their mutual keenness on promoting relations at the bilateral level and coordinating stances regarding the grave challenges the world is witnessing today.

President El-Sisi told the joint press conference that he conveyed to the German chancellor Egypt's profound appreciation of the economic and development cooperation between the two countries, citing Germany's active participation in development efforts and implementing mega projects in Egypt in various vital sectors.

President El-Sisi pointed out that the international arena is witnessing multiple challenges today amidst critical conditions that require everyone to keep channels of consultation open and to come up with ideas to reach solutions., saying: "I was pleased that we exchanged views on a number of files of common interest, as I briefed Chancellor Schultz on Egypt's ongoing preparations to host the World Climate Summit, COP27, in Sharm el-Sheikh in November."

He, also, said: "Today, as part of preparations for having Egypt assume presidency of the summit, I was pleased to participate with Chancellor Schultz in the opening of the Petersburg Dialogue on Climate, which is an important forum for deliberation on ways to coordinate international efforts to achieve tangible progress in this issue which represents a key challenge to the future of humanity."

President El-Sisi added "Our discussions today touched on the difficult international economic situation resulting from the crisis in Ukraine, especially in terms of food and energy security in the world, and the unprecedented negative effects that their markets have witnessed as a result of the crisis. We have agreed that the current situation requires all international actors to be responsible for finding practical solutions and mechanisms and mitigate the repercussions of the crisis on the most affected countries."

President El-Sisi noted he has briefed Chancellor Schulz on the latest developments in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam issue, stressing that Egypt will continue its quest to find a just solution that takes into account the protection of its water security, through reaching a legally binding agreement on the filling and operation of the dam, saying: "We have also discussed ways to enhance cooperation in the field of energy, whether at the bilateral level with Germany or with the European Union. I've assured Chancellor Schulz of Egypt's full readiness to lay the foundations for a strong partnership with his country in the field of energy, whether through the export of natural gas to Germany and the European Union, or through the establishment of an extended partnership within the framework of Egypt’s ambitious vision to transform into a distinguished hub for the production and export of the clean energy, especially green hydrogen, solar energy and wind energy.”

President El-Sisi affirmed that Egypt is proud of its partnership with Germany and the transparent dialogue about our potentials. During my meeting with Chancellor Schulz, I was keen to learn about the important developments taking place in the human rights file within the framework of the comprehensive approach adopted by the Egyptian state in this regard.

He said that the launch of the National Human Rights Strategy was the lead step, pointing out that this strategy includes executive steps and mechanisms for evaluation and follow-up with the participation of civil society, as well as launching the national dialogue and ending the state of emergency in Egypt.
President El-Sisi concluded by thanking Chancellor Schulz for the good reception and fruitful and constructive discussions they had, expressing his aspiration to receive him in Cairo soon. "A dear guest of Egypt’s and together we continue to consolidate the bonds of friendship between our two countries and our traditional partnerships that we deeply cherish."

For his part the German Chancellor Olaf Scholz praised Egypt's pivotal role in achieving stability in Gaza and Libya.

The chancellor said that Egypt plays an important role in achieving stability in Libya and holding free and fair elections in the North African country.

He said the European Union agreed to adopt a clear course to ensure the success of the upcoming UN Climate Change Summit (COP27) to implement the Paris agreement on the climate change to reduce emissions and combat the climate crisis.

Scholz hailed the 70-year-old relationship between Egypt and Germany which is based on mutual respect and appreciation, referring to the German school in Egypt and scholarships granted to Egyptian students to study in German universities, in addition to projects carried by German companies and institutions working in Egypt.

He stressed the importance of developing joint projects, especially in the fields of energy and industry and the start of people-to-people dialogue for improving climate conditions and promoting cooperation on the basis of mutual understanding.

The German chancellor said his talks with president El-Sisi dealt with the Ukrainian crisis and the challenges resulting from it, pointing out that many countries were badly affected by the conflict.

He said the Russian war on Ukraine inflicted heavy losses on the international community, calling for taking a unified stance to end the crisis.

Responding to a question about what Egypt could offer to Europe regarding the liquefied gas supplies, President El-Sisi noted that Egypt has signed an agreement with the European Union on this matter, pointing out that the country is ready to offer facilities to make the East Mediterranean gas reach Europe.

The president cited the establishment of the Cairo-based East Mediterranean Gas Forum to maximize the benefits of energy sources in the region.

He said that all ministers concerned in Egypt are ready to hold talks with the European Union and German officials on this file.

Meanwhile, Scholz said Germany cannot rely on one partner to supply it with energy, pointing to many trustworthy partners.

He noted that a multiple liquefaction plants will be exporting gas to Europe and Germany in the short term.

Scholz pointed to the long history of Egyptian-German relations and cooperation. He highlighted in particular the strong industrial cooperation, especially regarding engineering industries that are serving major projects and which have contributed to strengthening Egypt's infrastructure over the past few years.

In response to a question by a reporter about the human rights conditions in Egypt, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi invited journalists in Germany who are interested in the human rights file to visit Egypt to get acquainted with the human rights conditions in the country on the ground and let German media outlets and the German public know more about this important issue, saying: "Allow me to invite you and anyone who is concerned to visit Egypt. The opportunity will be available for all of those who accept the invitation to meet all stakeholders and speak with them to convey an authentic picture about us to the German mass media."

President El-Sisi added that "The human rights record in the country speaks for itself," saying: "Come and see on the ground how freedom of religion, women rights, personal freedom and freedom of expression are being protected."

President El-Sisi continued saying:  "Attend current national dialogue sessions in Egypt and convey realities to the public opinion in Germany about whether Egypt is actually very keen on freedoms or not."

President El-Sisi asserted that serving human rights "is our historical and humanitarian responsibility toward our nation."

President El-Sisi Participates in a RoundTable with business community representatives in Germany

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi participated, on Monday 18/7/2022, in a roundtable with representatives of the business community and heads of major German industrial companies.

A number of senior German officials and the ministers of foreign affairs, electricity and renewable energy, planning and economic development, petroleum and mineral wealth, transportation, Commerce and Industry were also present.

President El-Sisi welcomed the participation in this meeting, which embodies the spirit of the distinguished cooperation between Egypt and Germany.

The President stressed Egypt's keenness during the coming period to continue advancing economic and trade cooperation with the German business community and companies. He also confirmed Egypt’s interest to boost joint investments so as to contribute to supporting the economic development process in Egypt.

The President cited similar successful models in this regard between Egypt and many large German companies, within the framework of joint action to maximize mutual interests and leverage available opportunities.

The President commended the positive developments in economic and trade relations between the two countries during the past few years, highlighting the various investment opportunities offered by the mega projects currently being implemented in Egypt, foremost of which is the Suez Canal Economic Zone, which includes a number of major industrial and logistics zone, pointing out that this offers promising opportunities for German companies, wishing to capitalize on Egypt's strategic location, as a center for production and re-export of products to various countries of the world, with which Egypt shares free trade agreements, especially in the Arab and African regions.

President El-Sisi stressed that the significant leap witnessed in Egypt recently in the various development sectors reflects the strong will of the state to maximize its potential and achieve sustainable development. He noted that this will reflect on enhancing the opportunities available to German investments in various sectors and open new markets.

For German products, President El-Sisi expressed his appreciation for the role played by major German companies in supporting economic and trade relations between Egypt and Germany, pointing out the importance of the role of the private sector in this context as an engine of growth through increased investments and the transfer of knowledge and expertise to serve the common interests of the two countries.

After President El-Sis’s statement, a documentary film was screened on the various development and economic achievements in Egypt in recent years. Ministers also reviewed the investment mechanisms and opportunities available in all sectors.

The attendees praised the progress made at the level of economic reform in Egypt and the remarkable development and growth in the Egyptian economy, especially through the measures taken to speed up the development process and improve and encourage the investment environment. This is, in addition to the major national projects being implemented, which have contributed to turning Egypt into a model and a success story to be emulated at the development level on the regional and international arenas, despite the pressing economic conditions at the international level.

Meanwhile, the President confirmed commitment to working toward enhancing German investments in Egypt during the coming period, given the numerous promising investment opportunities and fields, particularly in the health, energy, technology, tourism, telecommunications, automobile and transportation sectors.

During an open dialogue with the President, heads and representatives of German companies welcomed boosting cooperation with Egypt to achieve the common interests of both sides. They also reviewed their plans to invest in Egypt to expand the size and scope of their existing projects in many fields.

In this context, the President affirmed Egypt's intention to continue reform efforts and development in light of the implementation of the national strategy to achieve sustainable development “Egypt Vision 2030”.

President El-Sisi, also, stressed Egypt’s appreciation of the special strategic relationship with Germany, and welcomed the increased activity of German companies operating in Egypt.

President El-Sis’s meetings on the sidelines of the “Petersberg Climate Dialogue XII” in Berlin

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met, on Monday 18/7/2022, with President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The President expressed appreciation for the warm reception he received in Germany, lauding the longstanding Egyptian-German relations and the advanced levels they have reached in various areas during the recent period.

President El-Sisi asserted that he is looking forward to further advancing and strengthening these relations, particularly at the economic and commercial levels, noting that this shall take place by maximizing the size of German investments in Egypt, given the fact that Germany is one of Egypt's major partners in the European continent.

The President also pointed out the great opportunity currently available to be present in the Egyptian market to benefit from the modern infrastructure and the improved climate for business performance.

For his part, the German President welcomed President El-Sisi in Berlin, expressing Germany's appreciation for Egypt at both the official and public levels. He also valued the historical bonds between the two friendly countries.

The German President commended the developmental national projects which are currently being implemented in Egypt, and affirmed Germany's desire to support Egypt's development efforts in all fields through the exchange of experiences and joint investment.

The meeting, also, discussed regional and international issues of common interest. Those included developments in the Ukrainian crisis, the Libyan and Yemeni crises, and the Palestinian issue.
The two sides agreed on the need to reach a just and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian cause in accordance with the provisions of international terms of reference.

In this context, President Steinmeier commended Egypt's pivotal role in reinforcing stability in the Middle East and Africa.

Meanwhile, President El-Sisi reiterated Egypt's firm position regarding the necessity to strengthen the pillars of crisis affected countries and strengthen their national institutions, thus ending the suffering of their peoples and preserving their resources, affirming that this shall also help fill the vacuum that allowed terrorist groups to expand and spread.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi met, on Monday 18/7/2022, with German Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht.

President El-Sisi emphasized that Egypt is keen to continue strengthening its ties with Germany at all levels within the framework of partnership relations between both countries.

He underlined the need to enhance Cairo-Berlin military relations amid growing regional challenges, topped by terrorism.

Meanwhile, Lambrecht lauded growing ties between Egypt and Germany, asserting that Berlin is keen to cement such historical relations, as well as to foster military and security cooperation with Cairo.

The German minister also praised Egypt's efforts to host over six million refugees who enjoy their basic rights similarly like Egyptians despite the additional burden this would place on any country.

El-Sisi and Lambrecht also shared views on the latest developments as regards regional issues in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean region. 

Tuesday 19/7/2022

Foreign Minister and president-designate of the 27th session of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) Sameh Shoukry met, on Tuesday 19/7/2022, with US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry.

During the meeting, held on the sidelines of Berlin-hosted Petersburg Climate Dialogue, Shoukry hailed the level of cooperation with the US in climate change-related issues.

The two sides exchanged viewpoints toward the current status of the climate negotiations, especially in top priority issues, including adapting and mitigating the adverse effects of climate change and ways of providing climate finance.

Shoukry, meanwhile, highlighted the need that the positive political will expressed by various countries be reflected at the level of technical negotiations, a matter which will contribute to enhancing confidence between the various parties to the climate negotiations.

Shoukry, also, shed light on Egypt's efforts to get viewpoints closer among the various parties, added the spokesman.

The Egyptian foreign minister further said that he is looking forward to see a US high-level participation during the COP27 conference, which will be held next November, in Sharm El Sheikh.

Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry participated, on Tuesday 19/7/2022, in a joint press conference with his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock in Berlin.

Shoukry pressed for international political commitment to achieve further progress in dealing with climate change in a meaningful way.

He stressed that it is important to support communities that could be harmed by this phenomenon.

Shoukry said that the major issues are clear, adding that action should be exerted to adapt to climate change through reasonable solutions.

Shoukry, also, urged that all social and economic aspects should be taken into consideration.

Sameh Shoukry, further, warned that climate change talks need not be a “zero-sum game” between developed and developing countries.

He affirmed the need to start the implementation of climate action instantly, saying: “We must start implementing now; we must make substantive progress across the work and ensure that no one is left behind,”, stressing the need for all parties to “rise to the occasion and show understanding and willingness to compromise.”

Shoukry added that the need to act instantly on climate change comes amid numerous global challenges that the world is facing, including volatile geopolitical landscape, food and energy crisis, as well as pandemic.

He pointed out that “The main issues are clear and well-defined,” underlining the need to keep the temperature low and make progress in adaptation hopefully through a transformative adaptation agenda.

He also affirmed the need for finding a reasonable resolution to the issues of loss and damage to provide timely support for climate vulnerable communities and addressing the climate finance gap effectively.

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