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National Political Dialogue

National Political Dialogue to start with political track: NPD General Coordinator

Tuesday، 19 July 2022 - 12:00 AM

Head of the Egyptian Journalists' Syndicate and General Coordinator of the National Political Dialogue (NPD) Diaa Rashwan said the NPD Board of Trustees had decided to start the dialogue with the political track.

This track covers issues related to general freedoms, political rights, civil liberties and the work of municipalities, Rashwan noted during a news briefing following the second meeting of the NPD Board of Trustees on Tuesday 19/7/2022.
He added the board had also decided to constitute two four-member committees to furnish the NPD with the components of forming the sub-committees concerned with the social and political tracks.
The meeting tackled issues and proposals submitted by participating parties, and Article 18 of the bylaw adopted on July 6, along with the dialogue's code of ethics, to regulate the board's operation.
During the meeting, the members of the NPD Board of Trustees commended President Abdel Fattah El Sisi's decrees to pardon some prison inmates on many occasions.

During their second meeting today, members of the NPD Board of Trustees recommended issuing presidential pardons for prisoners as long as they have not committed or incited violent crimes, Rashwan told reporters after the meeting.
He stressed that the Egyptian law and court system do not allow collective punishment, and each inmate is punished in accordance with the charges listed in their own bill of indictment.
Rashwan further explained that mass release is not among the Public Prosecution's authorities, but each case is considered separately.
"Recommendations and alternatives will be submitted to the president of the republic to select the most eligible ones," Rashwan said, noting the dialogue is intended to represent the Egyptian people in general, and not any particular groups or parties.

"The Egyptian constitution is the finest of its kind in the world," Rashwan said, adding that over 80 constitutional articles deal with human rights.
He noted that the enforcement of these articles is among the objectives of the National Political Dialogue.
"In countries like Spain and France, the party system is not stable," said the dialogue general coordinator, expressing hope that the dialogue would contribute to removing any obstacles related to establishing political parties or parliamentary representation.
However, dissolving the parliament is beyond the jurisdiction of this dialogue, neither is it even on the table for discussion during the meetings of the NPD Board of Trustees, Rashwan pointed out.
"Even the parliament cannot dissolve itself," he said.
Rashwan concluded by welcoming ex-prisoners, released by a presidential pardon, to participate in the National Political Dialogue.


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