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National Political Dialogue

Diaa Rashwan: National Dialogue Board of Trustees to convene its third meeting on Saturday

Friday، 29 July 2022 - 04:23 PM

Head of the Syndicate of Journalists Diaa Rashwan said Friday the National Political Dialogue Board of Trustees will convene its third meeting on Saturday.

Rashwan, who is the General Coordinator of the National Political Dialogue, made his remarks during an interview with "New Egypt" TV program aired on ETC channel.

Rashwan said all proposals and visions submitted by all parties or even ordinary citizens should be taken into account and discussed by the board and referred to President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, adding that the launch of the national dialogue would finally result in making some decisions and raising some opinions. He also noted that Sisi will take part in the final phase of the dialogue.

The dialogue aims to develop serious and real alternatives, he said, pointing out that the sessions will be aired live in the presence of all media outlets, he explained.

Previous sessions of the Board of Trustees have unanimously approved its executive statute and the code of conduct, Rashwan said, adding that the political dialogue will be the starting point of the meetings. Also, two committees for the social and economic aspects have been formed and each committee comprises four members.

Human rights and liberties will be also a major issue on the dialogue’s agenda.

According to Rashwan, two documents on human rights — Egypt’s 2030 Vision and the National Strategy for Human Rights, released in September 2021— will form the basis of the dialogue’s debates on the subject and they have proved the seriousness of the dialogue and denied claims of some defamers.

The two documents are a progressive step but may need some amendments and additions to better serve the human rights agenda, said Rashwan.

He added that there is a consensus among political forces that laws regulating pre-trial detention need to be urgently amended.


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