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Sisi stresses Egypt's steadfast stance on GERD, protecting water security

Saturday، 06 August 2022 - 09:51 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi stressed Egypt's firm stand towards the issue of the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD).

He highlighted the importance of raising awareness about protecting Egypt's national security.

He made the remarks on Saturday 06/08/2022 during a meeting with the teaching staff and students of the Military Academy

The President listened to the students' opinions and explanations vis-a-vis various issues, reviewing Egypt's position on various political issues, especially in the Middle East.

Sisi said Egypt adopted diplomatic and negotiable track with regard to GERD crisis in order to reach a solution, noting that Egypt depends on patience and negotiation in addressing this issue.

Sisi stressed that he will not allow anyone to harm Egypt's water interests.

Sisi noted that the goal of establishing developed agricultural waste water treatment station is to purify water to be re-used in plantation.

He said two main stations were established in Sinai, one with a production capacity of one million cubic meters daily and another with 5.5 million cubic meter daily.

Two other stations are being set up within the framework of the state's efforts to magnify water use and recycle it to be reused, Sisi noted.

He said the state is keen on making use of all its water resources to protect its water security.

The State is making every effort to improve citizens' living conditions and alleviate their burden in light of the economic difficulties the world is witnessing, President Sisi said.

He added that thanks to the economic reform program launched in 2016, as well as the Egyptian people's support and sacrifices, national economic growth went up between 5 and 5.5 per cent, and it had been forecast to reach at least 6 per cent.

Sisi also highlighted the negative impact of the coronavirus crisis and the Russian-Ukrainian war on prices and supply chains nationwide.

He said the economic reform program had contributed to building an economy more resilient to severe shocks like the one caused by COVID-19, which lasted for two years and had its negative effects on many sectors, including the tourism industry.

The State was committed to safeguarding the livelihoods of millions of citizens during the pandemic, the president noted.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said the state has implemented a comprehensive and well-targeted social protection program.

The state has targeted certain segments and worked hard to provide basic commodities to avoid abnormal price increases as a result of high demand, he added.

Sisi stressed the state's keenness to provide a reserve of goods sufficient for 6 months.

Egypt has been working for 4 years to ensure comprehensive food security by creating reserves of wheat, rice, sugar and oil, Sisi said.

No shortage has been reported since the global crisis began in March, he said, stressing that the state did not impose any purchase restrictions until now.

We will continue that approach, Sisi pledged.

The country did not increase prices despite their global hike, he added.

A loaf of bread, whose cost has increased from 60 to 80 piasters, is still sold to citizens for 5 piasters, Sisi said. "The state bears the cost difference. The same applies to gas prices, which have witnessed a significant increase in the international market."

A decision was taken to suspend a previously planned increase in electricity bills to ease the burden on citizens, he added. "The prices of petroleum products are lower than their global counterparts, despite the recent increase."

The state has also expanded the Takaful and Karama "Solidarity and Dignity" program to cover additional segments while adding EGP 100 for each ration card based on the number of family members to improve living conditions, Sisi said.

The state’s handling of the economic crisis and its repercussions aimed at preventing price increases for citizens despite their rise globally, as well as supporting the lowest-income and most affected groups, he added. 

President Sisi said the first phase of the Decent Life initiative will be finished by the end of this year instead of June or July as scheduled, attributing this delay to the disruption of supply chains due to global crises and not to insufficient funding.

Stressing that the work is underway on the initiative's projects, Sisi noted the state tries hard to take necessary procedures to face the current circumstances with regard to production supplies and petroleum derivatives.

The President asserted the importance of raising social awareness to protect Egypt's national security, mentioning tools by which the awareness could be raised, including education, media, places of worship and family.

He also voiced his trust in the Egyptian youth, generally, and the army's youth particularly. 

Speaking about Egypt's continuous efforts to bring peace and stability all over the world through diplomatic means, Sisi touched upon the Chinese crisis, the Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as the recent escalation in Gaza.

"Egyptian policies are built on the principles of moderation, balance, non-interference in the domestic affairs of other countries, working for bringing peace and stability worldwide, and opting for diplomatic and political courses to resolve conflicts," Sisi said.

"Egypt has always been clear about its support of the 'One-China' Policy, and we do need to advance global stability in a world that is greatly affected by any crisis," the president pointed out.

As for the Ukrainian crisis, Sisi said, "We try to play a positive role by encouraging political and diplomatic endeavors to resolve this crisis and defuse any crisis."

He added that the same approach had also been followed to prevent escalation in Gaza.

Sisi concluded by urging students of the Military Academy to keep in touch with citizens. He also stressed that the Armed Forces is under constant development, emphasizing the importance of re-assessing every achievement and putting everything to the test.


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