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Sisi: Egypt at forefront of countries that laid down integrated sustainable development strategy

Wednesday، 07 September 2022 - 06:59 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi said Egypt is at the forefront of countries which laid down an integrated sustainable development strategy.

Addressing the second Egypt - International Cooperation Forum (Egypt - ICF) in the New Administrative Capital (NAC), the president underlined the importance of adaptation to the impact of climate change over the lack of finance.

He added that 20 states are responsible for 80 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, therefore these countries should further contribute to climate adaptation efforts.

Sisi stressed the importance of supporting Africa's efforts for adapting to climate change as Africa is the least contributor to climate change.

Sisi added "we need a comprehensive vision to back African countries in the face of climate change."

"We need dlrs 800 billion until 2025 to confront climate change," he said.

He noted that the Decent Life initiative aims at improving the living conditions of 60 million people and it covers various domains, including sanitation, water treatment, communications, roads, etc.

He added that Egypt is adopting developed tri-treatment mechanism to benefit from each drop of water.

He said Egypt will be number one at the international level in water treatment after finalizing the mega national program for benefiting from each drop of water.

He added that green investments in Egypt represent 40 percent of total investments.

Egypt is one of the most affected countries by climate change, he said, noting that Egypt is implementing programs for developing new and renewable energy resources, like wind and solar energy.

He added that Egypt established the world's largest solar plant for electricity generation in Benban in the Upper Egypt governorate of Aswan.

He added that Egypt can contribute to securing clean energy through alternative energy or green hydrogen.

He noted that Egypt launched the 2050 national strategy for climate change.

President Sisi said the private sector can bridge the financing gap for confronting climate change.

He underlined the importance of the United Nations efforts to offer grants to African states affected by climate change.

He stressed the importance of developing technology to confront climate change.

He lauded the "inspiring" speech delivered by US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry as well as his recognition of challenges facing the world over climate change.

He noted that the Egypt-ICF gives a push to the ongoing preparations for the COP27.

President Sisi said the forum underlined the growing interest in the climate change issue, noting that the issue is part of priorities of the Sustainable Development Agenda.

He said the environmental dimension is the main axis for all development sectors.

He noted that the annual cost for alleviating the climate change impact by 2025 stands at about dlrs 800 billion. 

President Sisi said Egypt is implementing programs to become number one at the international level in water treatment domain.

He said the tri-treatment mechanism goes in line with the World Health Organization standards.

He noted that there is a mega national project for benefiting from each drop of water.

He said tEgypt has mammoth programs for new and renewable energy in order to minimize the use of the stations depending on fossil fuel.

He said "We have a chance for generating tens of thousands of megawatts from solar and wind energies," noting that great progress was realized in producing green hydrogen.

President Sisi said the 2050 national strategy for climate action focuses on food, water and energy security, referring also to the launch of NWFE platform to mobilize finance in collaboration with the international partners concerned with the climate issue.

He noted that the New Administrative Capital (NAC) is part of a grand Egyptian program for 4th generation smart cities with low-carbon emissions.

He said that Egypt plans to up its green investments from 40 percent to 50 percent of the total state investments by 2023-2024.

He lauded the development partnership between Egypt and the EBRD, voicing hope for more cooperation in the coming period.

He also extolled the conformity between Egypt's governmental program and priorities with the EBRD policies, especially with regard to green economy.

He concluded that effective measures will be adopted at COP27 for this hot issue that concerns the whole humanity.

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