05 October 2023 03:09 AM

Egypt working to face limited water resource

Sunday، 02 October 2022 - 01:14 PM

Irrigation Minister Hany Suwailam said Sunday that Egypt is exerting utmost effort to deal with repercussions of limited water resources for climate.

Mega projects are underway with the aim to reuse agricultural wastewater in a bid to expand cultivated areas, achieve food security and face desertification, the minister said during a meeting with irrigation experts from the World Bank Group.

He cited ventures in the areas of Bahr el Baqr, Hammam, Mahsama.

Suwailam also posted the World Bank experts on projects implemented by Egypt in order to renovate some water facilities, and others to protect beaches and counter floods.

He said that his Ministry is currently working on a phase review of modern irrigation in Egypt to be able to outline priorities and areas of action in the coming stage.

Indeed, the modern methods of irrigation help reduce the use of fertilizers and increase crop productivity, the minister acknowledged.

He also touched upon campaigns conducted by his Ministry to boost awareness of farmers and encourage them to rationalize the use of water.

The meeting also took up the outcome of the visit by a World Bank delegation to Egypt in March.


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