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President El-Sisi witnesses the Celebration of El-Mawlid el-Nabawi Ceremony

Wednesday، 05 October 2022 - 03:18 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi arrived at Al-Manara International Conference Center (AMICC) on Wednesday morning 5-10-2022 to attend the Celebration of El-Mawlid el-Nabawi Ceremony held by the Awqaf Ministry to mark El-Mawlid el-Nabawi (Prophet Muhammad's birthday anniversary).

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouli, Al Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayyeb and Awqaf Minister Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa attended the celebration.

Also, a host of ministers and senior state officials were taking part in the event.

The ceremony started with a recitation of verses of the Holy Quran by Sheikh Ahmed Tamim el-Maraghi.

A documentary about efforts to renovate historical mosques in Egypt was played

The documentary focused on eight years of work, during which the Awqaf Ministry has rebuilt and renovated 4,200 mosques across Egypt.

It also underlined the due attention paid by President Sisi to particularly renovate “Ahl al-Bayt” shrines, which are of big spiritual significance to Egyptians.The documentary cited the renovation of the Al Hussain Mosque, which was inaugurated in the fasting month of Ramadan last year.

The documentary further showed that since 2014, the Egyptian state has also opened 1,600 Quran schools and more than 3,500 recitation classes at mosques across Egypt, highlighting that Awqaf academy has also organized more than 165 training programs as part of its efforts to invest in humans.

For his part, Al Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayyeb said that Al-Sira al-Nabawiyya (Prophetic biography) has consolidated the values of justice, mercy and equality among humans at large.

El-Tayyeb said it is good fortune that this glorious occasion is celebrated in coincidence with October war victory anniversary that will remain a heartfelt pride to Arabs and Muslims, asserting that Mercy principle is very important for achieving stability of lives of individuals and communities.

El-Tayyeb added God teachings in Prophetic biography are a map for the rescue of Arabs and Muslims in their battle nowadays and in establishing contemporary communities, based on moral value, in addition to scientific and technical progress.

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi then honored a number of distinguished scholars in appreciation of their relentless efforts in disseminating the moderate teachings of Islam inside and outside Egypt. 

Ahmed Omar Hashem, a member of Al-Azhar's Council of Senior Scholars, thanked President Abdel Fattah El Sisi who offered Egypt great and unprecedented achievements in the past period.

In his speech after being honored by President Sisi on the occasion of El-Mawlid el-Nabawi, he expressed his happiness to meet President El-Sisi and participate in such precious occasion, adding that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had called upon all Muslims to be united.

President El-Sisi delivered a speech Commemorating Prophet Mohammed’s Birth

President El-Sisi said Prophet Muhamamd is a role model for humanity, adding that his life was dominated by a superior morality, underlying the need of following the role model of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in enduring hardships, challenges and facing adversity with determination, will and patience.
President El-Sisi then greeted people of Egypt and all the Arab and Muslim peoples on the occasion of the anniversary of El-Mouled el-Nabawi.

The president also prayed to Allah Almighty to repeat this great anniversary with goodness to the Egyptian people and to all Muslims around the globe.

He urged the Egyptians to follow the example of Prophet Muhammad, exert their utmost effort to achieve a qualitative leap in the performance of Egypt and provide all aspects of strength and advancement on all levels.

At the end of the celebration, the National anthem was played.

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