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Ismaily Club

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

It all started back in 1920, more than 80 years ago, when the idea of starting an Egyptian club in the city of Ismailia was born. In 1921, this dream became reality when the Nahda Sporting Club (now Ismaily) was founded thanks to generous donations and hard work. The Nahda was the first Egyptian club in the Canal zone; all other clubs were strictly foreign.
The club’s location is where the Friday market is today. It wasn’t until 1926 that the club became an official member of the Egyptian Football Federation.
The club is known in Egypt as well as its fans "El-Daraweesh".
The club’s initial state was quite modest. Inside the club’s brick wall, there existed only a field of sand, one changing room, and a small hut. Of course, the residents of Ismailia were not satisfied; the hut was removed and replaced by a small building in 1931, and grass was planted on the pitch. Expansion continued in 1943, when the club purchased a 15,000 square-meter piece of land and moved there.
Building the club required money, and a total sum of 6453 L.E. was collected from local families and businesses. Here is a list of the most generous contributors.
It wasn’t until forty-four years after Ismaily was founded that the Daraweesh finally achieved their first title. Ismaily had been slowly climbing to the top after returning to the Premier League, but it all came together in the 66/67 season.
In 1969, Ismaily also became the first Egyptian and Arab team to become an African Champion.
Related link: www.Ismaily.org/beta

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