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Rights and gains of Egyptian women .. Where were we and how we became

Wednesday، 08 March 2023 - 11:27 PM

Egyptian women are not only at the head of the state’s development plans, but also a key partner in their situation and the owner of an active role in their implementation .

The state and the political leadership belief that stability and progress will not be achieved in the new republic except by women participate in all aspects of national action, which seemed clear in the gains that women have obtained over the past eight years .

Those gains strengthened the positive international view of Egyptian women situation and their rights.

In this regard, the Cabinet Media Center issued a report with infographics that highlight the rights and gains of Egyptian women in the framework of the series “where we were and how we have become”.

This report previews basics of the real empowerment of Egyptian women in a manner befitting their capabilities, sacrifices and status, after eight years of strengthening the participation of Egyptian women in national work.

Positive change in the international view of Egyptian women empowering

Ivanka Trump, Former US President’s advisor,  praised Egyptian leadership efforts and the initiatives of the President to consolidate the culture of equality, empowerment and non -discrimination, and the great support of women and actually reflected on the ground in Egypt, and also expressed full support for these efforts.

US Secretary of State "Anthony Blinkin" welcomed Egypt's launch of a national human rights strategy, after the US State Department previously believed that one of the most important current human rights problems in Egypt is the threats against women, and the increase in cases of harassment.

The former resident representative of the United Nations Development Program "Randa Abu Al -Hassan" thanked the Egyptian leadership for the strong and continuous support to enable Egyptian women to participate equally in all areas of politics, economics and social fields.

The United Nations Coordinator in Egypt, "Elena Panova", stated that there are many achievements during the past ten years, the most important of which is in the field of women's empowerment.

The representative of the United Nations Population Fund in Egypt, Frederica Mejej, confirmed the support of Egypt's current efforts to provide equal opportunities for girls and youth and that women have the right to determine their affairs.

UN Women Egypt Representative, "Christine Arab", said that the achievements that Egypt achieved by setting gender as a basis for development is an exceptional matter in all African and Arab countries, stressing that it is extremely rarely a PM’s vision that emphasizes this matter and places it within the foundations of development.

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