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Sisi inspects 116th Brigade, 23rd Division of 3rd Army

Saturday، 01 April 2023 - 09:16 PM

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi on Saturday 01/04/2023 inspected the 116th Brigade, the 23rd Division of the Third Field Army, where he served after graduation.

The current crisis will not last, the President said. "Everyone wondered when terrorism would stop ten years ago, and now it has thanks to Egyptian soldiers. Similarly, the current situation will reach an end point thanks to the Egyptian soldiers."

By the grace of God Almighty, the day will come when this crisis will be forgotten. Even the dollar crisis will be history, thanks to God Almighty and your efforts, but we must try and struggle to solve these problems, just as we did with terrorism and other issues, Sisi said.

Troops and commanders must discuss critical issues and crises, their causes, and how to resolve them, as well as assist one another with personal challenges, he added. 

Sisi urged troops to be cautious, attentive, and interested in improving their body, mind, knowledge, and training rather than squandering time in order to get the most out of their two years of duty.

As a minister, I highlighted the need of perfectly utilizing the term of service to develop strong men and warriors, which includes growing their mind and body as well as paying attention to talking about useful matters and without fear, he added.

Sisi also inspected security checkpoints east of the Suez Canal, where he met with army personnel of the counter terrorism command, as well as the second and third field armies.

The President expressed his happiness at being among the fighters of the Egyptian Armed Forces east of the Suez Canal in Sinai, and asserted his pride in their competence and high combat readiness.


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