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Local Administration

Menofia Governorate

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Menofia is considered one of Delta region's governorates, which encompass Gharbia, Menofia, Daqahlia, Damietta and Kafr el-Sheikh.

Agriculture is the main activity in the governorate due to its fertile soil. Total cultivated area covers 378.43 thousand feddans. It is famous for growing cotton, maize, and wheat. Further, it produces vegetables such as potatoes, and string beans of which a large share are exported.

The governorate contributes also to the industrial activity as it hosts large industries such as spinning and weaving. Furthermore, it is famous for the silk carpet industry in Sakyet Abu Sha'ra village for export, and the mosaic works in Sakyet el-Monkedy. The governorate witnessed an industrial upheaval by establishing several industrial establishments and other developmental projects that created job opportunities. 
The governorate embraces several Islamic shrines, churches, and old monasteries including mosques of the Sufi Seedy Sheble el-Aswad in Shohada city, Seedy Khamees bin Shebeen al-Koum, and el-Abbasy Mosque. Further, it hosts churches of Mary Gergis and Virgin Mary in Shebeen el-Koum and Donshway Museum commemorating Donshway incident on portraits and in surreal and plastic statues, as well as late president Sadat's Museum, hero of war and peace, in Meet Abu el-Koum, which is his birthplace.

1-Menofia Landmarks:

Abbasi Mosque:

It was built during the reign of Khedive Abbas and was renovated several times, the last of which was in 2000. It is located next to Al-Hilal Hospital in Shebin Al-Koum.

Sidi Khemis Mosque:

In front of the main railway station in the city of Shebin El-Kom, which is an important Islamic monument.

Sufi Seedy Sheble el-Aswad Mosque:

The mosque includes the shrine of Sidi Shibl bin Al-Fadl bin Al-Abbasi. It also houses some of the martyrs of the Islamic conquest. It is an important religious shrine frequented by Sufis from all over the world and those interested in Islamic antiquities. It is located in the Martyrs Center.
Omari Mosque:

It is located on an old hill in the center of Ashmun on an area of 862 m2. It was built in the Ayyubid era. It has become a tourist attraction.

Khalil Al-Jazzar Palace:

Located in Shebeen El-Kom, which is the main headquarters of the university now.

Menoufia Tourist Tower:

It was established in 1961 on the fringe of Quesna to serve tourists, visitors and expatriates. It is located on an area of two acres; it has several restaurants and cafeterias. 


Menofia lies in the South of the middle Delta region between Rosetta and Damietta branches. It is bordered by Gharbia in the North, by Giza in the South West, by Qaliubiya in the South East, and by el-Beheira governorate in the West. It takes the triangle shape, where its head in the South, and its base in the North.

3-Total area:

The total area of Menoufia Governorate is 2499.00 Km2.


The population of Menoufia Governorate is 467,839 people.

5-Menoufia Map:


Major General / Ibrahim Ahmed Abu Lemon


The cogwheel refers to the industry. It is topped by spikes of grain to symbolize agriculture in the governorate. In the Middle of the emblem, there are pigeons’ tower, and the flame symbolizing the revolution of peasants in Denshway village.

8-The Governorate's national day: 

13th June on the occasion of resisting the English occupation in Denshway in 1906.

9- Administrative division:

Shebeen El-Kom Center has 1 city, 8 local units, 36 villages, 84 manor estates.
Menouf Center has 1 city, 7 local units, 31 villages, 141 estates.
Sirs El-Layan Center has 1 city, 0 local units, 0 villages, 0 estates in Bar’at Al-Sabaa.
Quesna center has 1 city, 7 local units, 47 villages, 98 estates.
Al-Bajour Center has 1 city, 12 local units, 47 villages, 78 estates.
Ashmoun has 1 city, 14 local units, 54 villages, 205 estates.
El-Sadat Center has one city, two local units, 9 villages, 80 estates.
Menoufia governorate has 10 cities, 70 local units, 315 villages, 1024 estates.

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