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Speech by President El-Sisi on June 30 Revolution Anniversary

Friday، 30 June 2023 - 11:44 AM

“In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

At the outset, allow me to extend my sincere congratulations to you on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the glorious June 30 Revolution. This year, it coincides with the blessed Eid Al-Adha. Many happy returns of the day and may Allah bless Egypt and the Arab and Muslim nations.

The great people of Egypt,
In history, there are days that are as bright as the stars which light up the darkness of the night, dispel the darkness of tyranny, illuminate the way for the passers, and guide them to the right path. June 30, 2013 is one of the most prominent immortal days. It is the day when the great people of Egypt rose up, rebelling against those who wanted to take their homeland, rejecting injustice, sectarianism and tyranny, and declaring with a loud voice that was heared all over the world saying: "the identity of the homeland is authentically Egyptian. It is not allowed to be kidnapped or exchanged."

On that day, the people announced that Egypt belongs to the Egyptians and that it is independent in making its decision, and follows only the will of its people and their supreme interests. June 30 marks the reaffirmation of the unity of the homeland, under its Egyptian identity which unites and does not disperse and is inclusive of the entire people without discrimination or division.

The noble people of Egypt,
The steadfastness that you have shown during the past ten years, since the glorious June 30 Revolution, will remain a subject of study for intellectuals and researchers. There are many questions that have been raised about the secret behind the special relationship between the Egyptian people and their national state institutions and between the people and their Armed Forces.

Many were confused about the source of this solid will and unyielding determination, which transformed Egypt, within a few years, from a country facing dangerous division and civil strife, to a cohesive country, whose people enjoy security and stability. This has come at a high cost paid by the heroes among this people: the Armed Forces and police who stood against the mightiest and the fiercest wave of terrorism. Those men sacrificed their lives so that the homeland would live and prosper.

The magnitude of the challenges faced by the Egyptian people since 2011 has instilled in the hearts of its people a unique steadfastness and special strength. They have lived and knew what it means to be threatened to lose the homeland, fear for one’s family and children, and lose livelihood and capabilities. Therefore, I certainaly believe that this generation of the Egyptian people is the most capable of shouldering the responsibility of building the country and the modern and advanced state.

I believe that this generation, which moved Egypt, with their efforts and patience, from chaos and anxiety to stability and security, is able to complete their comprehensive development experience which is witnessing rapid progress. This progress covers every inch of the country, including the infrastructure, roads, transportation and trade that sees a real breakthrough, and thus placing Egypt among the ranks of developed countries.
This also includes electric power, gas, petroleum, renewable energy, and land reclamation, where large areas of lands have been reclaimed without precedent in Egypt’s history. In addition, the health and education sectors, our main concern, have seen progress. In this regard, many diseases, which have long caused pain to Egyptians, have been eradicated, modern schools and universities have been established and modern sciences have been localized in Egypt.

This progress also includes the development of insecure and unplanned areas to save millions of our people from a reality that is not suitable for them nor for Egypt and the establishment of new, developed cities across the Republic to solve the overpopulation crisis and raise the quality of life for Egyptians.

This aims to help us embark on the path of advanced industrialization, communications, information technology and digital transformation.

The noble people of Egypt,

On the tenth anniversary of June 30 Revolution, I renew my pledge with you that devotion and work would only be for Egypt. I renew my pledge that the national interest and the national identity will always be the road markers that provide guidance for our journey and path. I tell you: “the scale of the enormous sacrifices made by the people and their national institutions is not worthy of anything other than victory, God willing.”

This victory means proceeding forward with strength and confidence on the path of development and construction … on the path of improving the conditions and lives of people and providing the appropriate conditions to unleash the energies of work and creativity of the Egyptian people of all walks of life and classes.

These efforts target the private sector, civil society, youth and women to gather all the components of the homeland in an integrated system that leads our beloved country toward the dream that Egyptians have always wanted to realize. This is  the dream of progress and the advancement of the homeland. This is the dream of the new republic that is modern and advanced in all fields.

Many happy returns and may Egypt and its people live in goodness, peace, and safety.

Long live Egypt, Long live Egypt, Long live Egypt

May Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you."

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