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President El-Sisi’s Speech on the Anniversary of the July 23rd Revolution

Sunday، 23 July 2023 - 02:12 PM

"In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful"

The great people of Egypt,

I extend to you my sincere greetings on the 71st Anniversary of the glorious July 23rd, 1952 Revolution, which reminds us of the struggle of a generation of our people, who looked one day to the future and wanted it to be free and dignified for Egypt and its sons. It is a generation that sought to eradicate colonialism and foreign domination and made enormous sacrifices to achieve this end, until the immortal July Revolution culminated this extended march, during which Egyptian patriotism crystalized and grew stronger to stand firmly on its feet, demanding that colonialism “carry its stick on its shoulders and leave” as called for by Gamal Abdel Nasser, the leader of the revolution, to whom we extend salutation and appreciation today. We also pay tribute to President Mohamed Naguib, who bore the responsibility at a critical moment of the homeland’s history, and to the hero, President Mohamed Anwar Sadat, who fulfilled the duty in war and peace and paid his life as a precious price for Egypt’s dignity and future.


The generous people of Egypt,

The July Revolution established “The First Republic” 70 years ago and moved on its path, building a “New Egypt” at its time. Its status rose east and west, becoming a source of inspiration for national liberation across the globe. It took significant strides toward empowering large segments of our people, peasants and workers, and granting them a dignified status befitting them, which they have long awaited and longed for. The revolution has realized great achievements in many cases and its march stumbled at other times.


70 years after the establishment of the Republic and with the change in the nature of the times and its challenges, and after the homeland passed through formidable historical events over the years from 2012 to 2014 and a grave period of chaos and instability that compromised the very existence of the state and the resources of the Egyptian people, it was imperative to think seriously about the future and the “New Republic” that embodies the historical progress of our national march as a great nation, as it was about time for it to restore its worthy status among the nations.


The great people of Egypt,

The foundations and values of “The New Republic” are built on their predecessor and do not destroy it.. they add to it and do not detract from it. They are based on the priority of preserving and protecting the homeland, amid an international and regional reality that is becoming increasingly complicated and turbulent in an unprecedented manner .. They are also based on the unity of the domestic front, given the change in the nature of the threats, a great part of which is exclusively targeting its domestic front.

“The New Republic” is the result of an unprecedented phase in Egyptian history, of hardships and challenges during which the Egyptians realized and were certainly sure that nothing supersedes a secure and stable homeland.

Social and economic development and modernization have become a necessity for life and the future, not a luxury.

Our demographic and economic reality requires us not to talk only about development in the traditional sense, but rather embark on high and successive growth rates and accelerated sustainable development in order for exceptional achievements to become our norm. “The New Republic” seeks to provide equal opportunities for work and a decent life for this generation and future generations, and build national capacity in all fields for Egypt to reach the position to which its people aspire.

Achieving, preserving and developing the aforementioned require, in parallel with the process of construction, the development of human characteristics in our society; building the Egyptian citizen and improving his/her educational, health and cultural conditions.

This requires immense work and struggle within an integrated societal framework based on precise balance between rights and duties.


The great people of Egypt,

You can be proud of what we have achieved throughout our recent history since independence. Our national march is moving forward despite the difficulties and challenges. We look forward to more, as the aspirations of our people touch the edges of the sky.

We work with diligence, devotion and knowledge to turn these hopes into reality and facts everywhere in Egypt. We know that our great people have endured a lot and set an example in patience and steadfastness in the face of many crises. We assure you that the state is tirelessly exerting every effort to provide new and distinguished job opportunities, increase the income of citizens, and establish new paths for the development and growth of the economy in keeping pace with the age as well as the aspirations of the people. We assure you that all serious voices are heard to achieve the interest of the country and contribute to building the future and the new reality that we aspire to and work for, with sincere intentions for God and the nation.


Thank you very much, and may Egypt always be in safety, peace and progress.

And always and forever: long live Egypt, long live Egypt, long live Egypt.

May the peace and blessings of God be upon you.

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