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Tahya Misr Multi-purpose Station in Alexandria

Sunday، 06 August 2023 - 11:03 PM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi inaugurated on 6/15/2023 “Tahya Misr Station” in Alexandria Port. The multi-purpose station is one of the most important projects implemented by the Ministry of Transport in the field of maritime transport. 

The station includes trading yards established on a half million square meters. The area is divided into 3 handling stations (containers - general goods - cars). The cost of developing the port amounted up to about EGP 60 billion.


Moreover, Tahya Misr Station is one of the main tributaries of the logistics station that has been established behind the port, which contributed to raising the classification of Alexandria port.

This station aims to be smart and green, and operates with the most advanced means in loading, unloading and handling goods, whether they are containers or general cargo.



About 95% of the station's employees are Egyptians. The station provides about 1,500 direct jobs and 2,000 indirect ones.


The station is equipped with the most modern operating equipment in the world to deal with the new generation of giant ships.


The station includes:

About 4 cranes on the platform to reach 10 when the station reaches its maximum operating capacity.

About 12 winches, reaching 30 when the station reaches its maximum operational capacity.

About 32 container tractors which will reach 71 when the terminal reaches its maximum operational capacity

The station contains trading yards established on an area of 400,000 square meters, and is divided into 3 trading stations (containers - general cargo - cars).


Tahya Misr Station has a capacity to handling from 12 to 15 million tons of goods annually and receives from 6 to 7 ships with large tonnages at the same time.



The station has an administrative building for management and control, which is equipped with the most advanced system. The admin building is located on an area of 1200 square meters and consists of 4 floors. 


The control and operation department takes control of the entire station and monitors the process of unloading, handling and stowage in the yard, as well as the entry and exit of trucks loaded with containers inside the station through control screens.


Moreover, the administrative building includes an Information Technology Department (IT), controlling the terminal's systems such as operating systems (TOS) (CMMS), maintenance, financial and administrative system (ERP). The building follows up the operation process, detects containers through recognition cameras (OCR), as well as observes the financial department. Furthermore, Department of Occupational Safety and Health and Human Resources are included.



There is a main maintenance center to maintain the station’s equipment, general cargo stores, entry and exit gates, which operates with (OCR) camera system to record the entry and exit of all trucks and goods heading to the station as well as prevent any trucks, containers or general goods that are not allowed to enter the station. 


This system contributes to shortening the arrival time of the truck or even waiting period, which in turn leads to develop the container turnover rate inside the station as a global indicator through which the station's performance is measured.


Furthermore, the station contains staff training areas.


The station’s environmental management system:

The station took into account the environmental management system by providing the necessary environmental measures to preserve the environment and the surrounding community through:

The plant waste water is properly discharged according to the standards set to prevent contamination. Dispose of all types of waste, including hazardous waste, safely. Safe storage of hazardous materials is included through special spaces for storing hazardous materials safely according to specific standards, in addition to providing effective systems to control air pollution and reduce emissions of air pollutants.

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