04 December 2023 06:44 PM

Joint Egyptian-German mission discovered 8 storerooms inside Sahure’s Pyramid in Abusir Necropolis

Friday، 29 September 2023 - 12:59 PM

The joint Egyptian-German mission managed to discover eight storage chambers within Sahure’s Pyramid in the Abusir Necropolis south of Giza.

Mostafa Waziri Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities (SCA) explained that this unprecedented discovery sheds the light on the interior design and architecture of Sahure’s Pyramid that belong to King Sahure who was the  second king of the Fifth Dynasty and the first king to be buried in Abusir.

Waziri added that the chambers will be opened to scholars for studies after completing all of restoration procedures.


Egyptologist Mohamed Ismail Khaled head of the joint Egyptian-German mission explained that the  team managed during the restoration process to know the original dimensions and layout of the antechamber. 
“Despite that the eastern wall of the antechamber was severely damaged, and only the north-eastern corner and 0.30 m of the eastern wall were still detectable, the mission was able to find traces of a low passage that was previously detected by British explorer John Perring in 1836, so this discovery proved that Perring’s previous observation was correct.”
 Khaled recounted that the eight storerooms were uncovered after removing all the rubble in the passage.
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