04 December 2023 05:30 PM

President El-Sisi’s Speech at the Closing Session of “Story of a Homeland” 2023 Conference

Monday، 02 October 2023 - 11:38 PM

“In the Name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful”

The great people of Egypt,

The noble and dignified people,

It was a good and fruitful time that we have spent together over the past few days, narrating the story of the homeland. We all work for the sake of the homeland; and for the exaltation of the homeland we persevered through challenges and attained achievements.

And I tell you: Together, we, the Egyptians, have achieved a historic epic, as we have surmounted despair and disappointment, and reclaimed our beloved Egypt from the clutches of the group of darkness and treachery. Then, we conquered the challenge in order to rebuild our great state and ensure dignity, justice and development for our sons.

We have encountered heinous terrorism that sought to undermine our resolve; and our good land was watered with the blood of the righteous martyrs, who were from the most virtuous sons of Egypt.

Our resolve did not waver or weaken in the face of all these challenges. Instead, Egypt’s sons and daughters took a stand and waged a battle to build Egypt. They realized accomplishments, and achieved glory and national pride.

The will of the Egyptians has been and still is the main drive and fundamental incentive to complete the dream of building our modern state that befits the sacrifices made by the people of Egypt.

The great people of Egypt,

As we stand on the threshold of our New Republic, that seeks to complete the pathway of the state’s survival and rebuild it on the foundations of modernity and democracy, we renew our pledge, together, to work toward completing our dreams for our beloved Egypt and precious homeland, which was watered with the blood of the martyrs and the sacrifices of all Egyptians; a great and powerful homeland established on the foundations of social justice, human dignity, and a state of institutions that secures for its citizens a decent life. For the sake of our dreams, we will work together to achieve this end.

I have followed with great interest the state of national dialogue, which was, in its first form, promising and encouraging to continue. I have directed the government and the state’s relevant authorities to work on exploring and studying the package of outcomes emanating from the dialogue.

I assure you that I intend to continue this state of dialogue and promote the development and progress of the political and party life in order to achieve, for the state, the multiple paths, alternatives and visions, in a sustainable manner.


Ladies and gentlemen,

Honorable attendees,

After following the functions of this conference, including numbers and facts about the reality of the Egyptian State, how it was and how it has become, we renew our covenant that it will be a reality filled with goodness, peace and love for all Egyptians, God willing.

There is no fear for a nation, where the crescent of its mosque embraces the cross of its church. No nation will be broken, whose youth defeated their desires except for the love of their homeland, like the youth of Egypt. No nation will fall, whose women have preserved the voice of the national conscience. I have complete faith in our nation and that it fears nothing, will not be broken and will not fall, but rather will rise above the challenges to create pyramids for glory and history for civilization.

I tell you honestly, as I have always been with you, that when I heeded the call of the Egyptians and assumed the responsibility they entrusted me, I did not have the treasures of the earth or rosy promises. I only had my faith in Egypt, my bias toward your will and my sincere work and devotion, carrying with me the honor of the Egyptian military, which is enough for me as a medal on my chest.

I encountered challenges and crises with you; and together we crossed the bridges of hope. Today, as we are approaching the electoral entitlement for taking-on the task of managing the Egyptian State, and as I have promised you for ten years, I don’t initiate except by the call of the Egyptians, whom I call upon sincerely to make these elections a genuine start for a vibrant political life, that embraces diversity, variety and differences, without transgression or harm. And as an Egyptian citizen, before being a President, I was overjoyed by this diversity of candidates, who took the initiative to assume the responsibility. I have the highest appreciation and respect for all of them.

Difference is the law of Allah in His creation; it is an indisputable fact. Diversity is true richness, testifying for the fertility of our nation and its resilience to survive.

I tell you the truth: I have exerted efforts and kept my promise as much as I could. I devoted myself to the homeland, with genuine work and intentions.

As I have heeded the call of the Egyptians before, today, I answer their call again. I have decided to nominate myself to complete the dream in a new presidential term. I promise you, God willing, it will be a continuation of our joint efforts for the benefit of Egypt and its people.

I invite all Egyptians to participate in this democratic scene to choose, with their national conscience and impartiality, the one who is fit. May Allah select the one who is fit.

This is my genuine call and this is the Egyptians’ will, which I respect, work with and work for.


The great people of Egypt,

The plant of hope blossoms with work, honesty in words and impartiality in action. This is the way to attain the dream together, God willing.


Together and with you:

Long Live Egypt, Long Live Egypt, Long Live Egypt

May Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you

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