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President Sisi during war inspection of 3rd Army’s 4th Armoured Division

Wednesday، 25 October 2023 - 10:03 PM
President Sisi during war inspection of 3rd Army’s 4th Armoured Division

President Sisi during war inspection of 3rd Army’s 4th Armoured Division:

Egypt’s Army never seizes lands beyond its borders

Military lineup assuring, showing full preparedness to secure interests

 Cairo playing positive role to contain war in Gaza, reach ceasefire

President Abdel Fattah El Sisi stressed that the preservation of Egypt’s national security is a major and fundamental role of the Armed Forces to safeguard borders, defend national security and interests, with no transgression.

The president made these remarks while attending war inspection lineup of the Field 3rd Army’s 4th Armoured Division on Wednesday 25/10/2023.

“Throughout history, Egypt never seized lands beyond its borders…When you have power, you should not use it in a tyrannical way…Beware of anger and excessive enthusiasm, they can lure you into making hasty decisions and regret…The power must be for self-defence merely,” President Sisi said.

Congratulating the Armed Forces on the 50th anniversary of the October 6 Victory, Sisi said that the war inspection was part of previously planned events to mark the glorious occasion. Other celebration activities have been called off considering the current conditions.

The president said that “the 6th of October War was a transition from despair to hope, from defeat to victory, from to frustration to aspiration.”

“We annually recall the efforts made by Egypt and its Armed Forces to preserve national security,” he said. He greeted the Armed Forces, with appreciation and pride, for their role at times of war, and peace.

The Egyptian leader referred to lessons to be learnt after 50 years of the war.

Amid the current conditions in the region, President Sisi underlined the need to use one’s power and capabilities, with reason, rationality, wisdom, and patience, to defend oneself and one’s country. He warned that anger and excessive enthusiasm may drive one to think beyond his limits, leading to “ill-considered decisions or actions on the grounds.”

In the meantime, President Sisi highlighted Egypt’s very positive role in the ongoing crisis in Gaza Strip.

He said that “Egypt is in the process of brokering a ceasefire,” and accomplishing solutions to the lack of electricity, and many other utilities in Gaza Strip. He equally stressed the importance of the two-state solution as a long-term solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Egypt does not spare the least efforts, co-operating with brothers, friends, and partners, to stop bloodshed and to reach a ceasefire, as well as containing escalation and support civilians in Gaza Strip with aid they direly need, amid absence of water, electricity, fuel, medical relief and food supplies, President Sisi said.

Over the past twenty years, five rounds of conflict took place between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza, and Egypt has always played a positive role to contain escalation, calm the situation and alleviate the repercussions of the conflict, Sisi added.

The Egyptian leader stressed the prime importance of the two-state solution, which gives Palestinian people hope, to establish their own state, on the borders of June 4, 1967, with East Jerusalem as a capital, taking into account, achieving security for the people in both Palestine and Israel.

In the meantime, President Sisi voiced content and pride over the war inspection lineup of the 4th Armoured Division, saying, “We are talking about one of many formations, in the 2nd and 3rd Field Armies, as well as in the Central, Western, Southern and Northern Military Regions.”

The level displayed today, in all specializations, prompts reassurance and indicates full readiness, the president said, noting “Whatever your strength is, the Egyptian army has a rational power – one of its features – and this is building, protection and nonaggression.”

The Armed Forces must always be ready and armed with science and knowledge, so that it can assimilate progress in fields of areas of excellence and development of armament in modern equipment and weapons, President Sisi said.

“Always have faith. Faith entails integrity, honour, and fidelity, far from treason and conspiracy,” President Sisi said addressing the Egyptian people.

Being armed with science, knowledge and faith is the way to possess an indomitable power, since one is supported by God, the president said. Sisi also stressed the “need to preserve Armed Forces’ efficiency and readiness so that Egypt would live “in security and peace.”

Wednesday’s war inspection also featured a documentary entitled “Road to victory”, depicting the heroic action of the Egyptian Armed Forces through decades, capped with the October 6 war in 1973, when it crossed the Suez Canal and destroyed the Bar Lev Line, demonstrating how ‘Egyptians’ will is able to perform miracles”.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Minister of Defence and Military Production General Mohamed Zaki, and Chief-of-Staff Lieutenant General Osama Askar attended the inspection together with several army commanders.

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