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It is the last Egyptian urban point on the Gulf of Aqaba, and it is of great strategic and touristic importance.

Location : Taba is located at the head of the Gulf of Aqaba, between the eastern Taba mountain range and plateaus on the one hand, and the waters of the Gulf of Aqaba on the other.

It is about 240 km north of the city of Sharm el-Sheikh, and it is adjacent to the Israeli city of Eilat. The area between Taba in the north and Sharm el-Sheikh in the south represents the most important attractions and tourism development in the south of the Sinai Peninsula.

Area: Its area does not exceed one square kilometer (about 508.8 acres).

Its history: Taba has another importance in the chapters of Egyptian history, the most famous of which is the Taba incident in 1906, when a dispute occurred between Egypt and the Ottoman Empire over the demarcation of the borders between Egypt and Palestine, which belonged to the Ottoman Empire, and it ended with an agreement to draw the borders from Taba to Rafah, and the border signs were set and when the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty was applied.

There was a dispute over specifying the location of some of the border signs that had vanished, and the Israelis tried to move some of these signs inside Egyptian territory to seize Taba, so the two parties, Egypt and Israel, agreed on the principle of arbitration.

On September 29, 1988, the arbitral tribunal, which convened in Geneva, issued its ruling in favor of the Egyptian site for defining the location of the border mark.

On March 15, 1989, Egypt received the Taba region and returned to its sovereignty.

Tourist importance and the most important landmarks: Taba is a border city surrounded by mountains and its tourist resorts. Its coastal strip is the most beautiful on the level of the peninsula and consists of a number of bays, lakes, straits and an island. The most beautiful scenery of this island is the Fort of Salah El-Din, which was restored by the Egyptian Antiquities Organization.

Therefore, a large number of tourists come to it from all over the world, and there are about 10 hotels in the Egyptian city of Taba. The Hilton Taba Hotel, which was built by the Israelis in 1967, is one of its most prominent landmarks.

 It was managed by the Sonesta Company until it was handed over to the Egyptian authorities on the aforementioned date.

Urban rehabilitation of the area:Government investments in Taba amounted to about 700 million Egyptian pounds in infrastructure projects that include the construction of roads, housing and services, as well as sanitation and telephone lines.

 As for the tourism investments of the private sector, including foreign investments, they amounted to about 3 billion Egyptian pounds in hotel and service projects, 15% of which have been completed and the rest is pending.

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