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Kharga city

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Kharga city

Kharga city is located in the Western Desert, in the Valley Governorate, about 600 km from Cairo. It is about a depression with an area of ​​160 km in length and 80 km in width. It was known in the past as the “Great Oasis” and is considered one of the eco-tourism sites.

Kharga declared Egypt's 1st environment-friendly city in Egypt during the activities of the World Environment Day, which is celebrated annually on the fifth of June, which was held this year under the slogan "We only have one land."

History of Kharga city

The city, located in the heart of the Western Desert .It  has also a long history, as it includes antiquities dating back to ancient Egypt, and extending to all ages after that.

 It is currently one of the tourist points in the desert with its monuments, in addition to the activities that desert lovers can practice, in addition to the presence of the New Valley Museum, which includes about 4,000 artifacts dating back to the pre-dynastic to the era of the Muhammad Ali dynasty.

 The most important archaeological sites in Kharga:

 -Hibis Temple

 It belongs mainly to ancient Egypt, and its use extended in later times, as it was used in the Ptolemaic, Roman, Coptic, and even Islamic eras, and it is one of the most important monuments in the city.

-Temple of Nadura

It is located 3 km north of Kharga, on a high hill that rises about 75 m from the surface of the earth. The name Nadoura was named as it was used as a control point for passing caravans in ancient times on the Darb al-Arba’een.

 -Ghweita Temple

It is a sandstone building surrounded by brick walls, dedicated to the worship of the Holy Trinity of Amun; Mut and Khonsu.It consists of three halls that end with the shrine of the Holy of Holies, which dates back to the 27th Dynasty. The rest of the temple parts date back to the Ptolemaic period.

-Qasr al-Zayan Temple

 It was built in 138 AD in the third year of the reign of the Roman Emperor "Antonius Pius" to worship the god "Amon Hebat" who is the master of the city of Kharga in ancient Egyptian times.

 -Dosh Temple

It is about a sandstone building surrounded by a brick wall and a four-storey castle. It was built during the reign of the Roman emperors: Domitian;Trajan and Hadrian, and was dedicated to the worship of the Holy Trinity "Serapis; Isis and Harpocrates".

Bagawat city

It means domes in the vernacular language of the people of the region. It is a Coptic cemetery that includes a church, in addition to 263 cemeteries, and it dates back to the Coptic era, specifically from the second century to the eighth century AD.

 The tombs take the form of domes, and they are built of mud bricks and decorated with fresco art, which is similar to painting with watercolors.And it remained in its condition all this time, as there was no rain in the region.

The most important features of the city

Its unique diversity in the archaeological sites it owns, and the nature of the place in the past, pointing out that the availability of water helped the establishment of civilization in it, and now it is one of the most beautiful places where the visitor can relax and practice desert activities, such as safari away from the hustle and bustle of major cities.

Also, its declaration as Egypt's 1st environment-friendly city in Egypt during the activities of the World Environment will be a reason to shed light on it and its nature, “and we hope that it will put it on the tourism map in Egypt more.

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