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President El-Sisi’s Speech at “Long Live Egypt: A People’s Response in Solidarity with Palestine”

Thursday، 23 November 2023 - 09:30 PM

“In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful”

Honorable Attendees,

Ladies and gentlemen,

The great people of Egypt,

It is a great pleasure and pride for me to be present at this distinguished gathering of the sons of Egypt, who came together for the sake of the homeland and the cause. Egypt and Arabism have united them; those who embrace them will never go astray and will never be divided. I am filled with immense joy over the hope I see in our gathering, as we are shaping the narrative of the future and paving the path for its fulfillment. As we have pledged together, the unity and alignment of the Egyptians is the guarantor for Egypt’s enduring presence, with God’s will, and its immutable solid foundation.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The great people of Egypt,

The Arab region is encountering a formidable crisis that is compounding the longstanding challenges it has endured for decades. The Palestinian cause is facing a critical and sensitive juncture, amid unwarranted and inhumane escalation that has relied on the tactic of collective punishment and genocide as an approach to impose facts on the ground, conducive to the liquidation of the cause, the forced displacement of the people and the usurpation of the land. The stray bullets did not distinguish between a child, a woman and the elderly. Rather, the killing machine roared into action, devoid of human reason or a reprimanding conscience. It has become a disgrace on the face of all humanity.

From the very first moment of the outbreak of this war, the State of Egypt has managed the situation with a mixture of unyielding resolve and decisive decision-making, flexibility in action and attentive monitoring of events, in addition to the prompt up-to-date information and constant engagement with all effective actors. A crisis management cell has been formed from all relevant state institutions, which I have been personally following up around the clock.

My decision was resolute, and it was the same decision of Egypt - the state and people- namely to be at the forefront of the supporters of our brothers in Palestine and to spearhead action for their sake. This firm decision is embedded in the heart of our nation and its conscience. The history of Egypt’s struggle has been inextricably intertwined with sacrifices for the Palestinian cause.  Egyptian blood blended with Palestinian blood for seven decades. By virtue of its history and geography, Egypt is destined to be the backbone in supporting the struggle of the brotherly Palestinian people.

The great people of Egypt,

Egypt has exerted earnest and extensive efforts to prevent the escalation of this war at all levels:

Politically, it hosted the first international summit in Cairo, with broad international and regional participation, in order to obtain an international resolution on the absolute necessity to end the conflict and ensure the flow of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. Egypt’s participation in the Arab-Islamic Summit was also dynamic and crucial, with its outcomes in alignment with Egypt’s stance, in general.

Egypt has also been vigorously engaged with international stakeholders, with regional and world leaders and officials. We clearly stated Egypt’s unequivocal and unwavering position, namely its categorical rejection of the plan for the forced displacement of our Palestinian brothers, either from the Gaza Strip or the West Bank to Egypt and Jordan, and its steadfastness in protecting the Palestinian cause from any endeavors to liquidate it and from any threats to our state’s national security. Here, I would like to thank world countries, primarily the United States of America, which emphasized its position in support of the Egyptian stance as well as its rejection of any attempts in this regard.

We have reiterated the imperative need for an immediate ceasefire and a return to the negotiating table, in order to reach a just and comprehensive peace, based on the acknowledgment of the legitimate rights of the brotherly Palestinian people, primarily the recognition of an Independent Palestinian State, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

On the humanitarian front, our decision was to permanently open the Rafah border crossing to allow the flow of food and medical aid as well as fuel, in addition to receiving the injured and wounded. Despite the ferocity and intensity of the hostilities, we have maintained the continued opening of the crossing.  The humanitarian aid the State of Egypt has delivered to the Gaza Strip amounted to approximately 12-thousand tons, transported on 1300 trucks, including 8400 tons provided by the Egyptian State, through the Egyptian Red Crescent, the National Alliance for Civil Development Work, and Tahya Misr Fund, which account for 70% of the total aid provided.

We have also designated Al-Arish International Airport for receiving aid planes from abroad, with a total of 158 flights. Egypt’s efforts, in collaboration with the U.S. and our Qatari brothers, culminated in an agreement on a renewable four-day humanitarian truce. I hope it will be enforced in earnest in the coming days, without delay or procrastination. God willing, this will start tomorrow (Friday).

The great people of Egypt,

I assure you, in clear and honest terms, that we are determined to remain steadfast in our defiance of this crisis, upholding the historical rights of the Palestinian people and persistently holding on to our sacred national security. We will make every effort and sacrifice, armed with the power of wisdom and the wisdom of power.

We are searching for the lost humanity in the ruins of zero-sum conflicts, which are inflamed by extremist voices, that have lost sight of the divine attribute of Allah, Al-'Adl (Justice), Who brings together humans from all colors, religions and races .. and that peace remains the choice of humanity, even if its enemies seek otherwise. Let’s pray to Allah Almighty to crown our pursuit of peace with success and our sacrifices for humanity with blessings. Let us be united for the sake of the homeland and its security, united by our cause and its fundamentals.

Long Live Egypt… Long Live Palestine

May Allah’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you

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