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Prime Minister Follows up with Minister of Social Solidarity a Number of Labor Files

Tuesday، 28 November 2023 - 12:40 PM

Prime Minister Dr. Mostafa Madbouly met, on Sunday evening 27/11/2023, with Minister of Social Solidarity, Mrs. Nevine Al-Kabbaj, as part of the follow-up of a number of labor files in the Ministry.

During the meeting, the Minister of Social Solidarity addressed a number of files that the ministry is working on during the current phase, in coordination with civil society organizations and other concerned parties. This included relief and care services in crises, calamities and social development in cooperation with the Egyptian Red Crescent, as well as with regard to the Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse, and others.

With regard to relief and care services in crises, calamities and social development, which are implemented in cooperation with the Egyptian Red Crescent. In this context, Al-Kabbaj explained that the Egyptian Red Crescent is tasked with coordinating relief missions, organizing the transport of relief, humanitarian and medical supplies, searching for missing persons, collecting links, supervising the transport of detainees, stranded and refugees, mobilizing, training and supervising volunteers, carrying out blood donation and vaccination campaigns, contributing to medical relief, and other tasks.

Al-Kabbaj talked about the role of the Egyptian Red Crescent in the Gaza crisis. She explained in this regard that the Red Crescent has prepared logistical areas to receive aid to the people of Gaza coming from Cairo, Upper Egypt, Delta and Alexandria, and from various parts of the Republic. In the meantime, it has established an integrated set of logistical areas to receive, sort, equip, prepare and load humanitarian aid with up to 1,700 volunteers in various locations related to Gaza relief operations.

With regard to health services and psychological support, 150 doctors and 100 nurses have been trained, in cooperation with the Egyptian Syndicate, to work in disaster sites. Moreover, forming teams of pharmacists to receive and sort out medicines, supplies and devices that have been donated to the Egyptian Red Crescent, and training psychosocial support teams, to help expatriates overcome severe shocks and crises. Escorts for wounded and injured arrivals are also followed up in North Sinai, Ismailia and Cairo hospitals, and cooperation with the Ministry of Health in the event of a shortage of any equipment in the targeted hospitals. The Red Crescent also coordinates with international organizations that are partners in relief operations.

During the meeting, the file of the Fund for Combating and Treatment of Addiction and Abuse was discussed, as it indicated that 750,000 workers were examined from March 2019 to October 2023. Early detection campaigns are also carried out on school bus drivers, as 14,000 drivers are examined annually, and the latest results showed a significant decrease in the number of users.

The Minister also talked about the development of policies in this vital file. She pointed out in this regard to the preparation of the draft national plan (2024-2028) to reduce the supply and demand of narcotic substances.

The Minister also talked about awareness and prevention programs during 2023, and interventions in developed areas alternative to slums. 

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