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SIS: Foreign Media’s Follow-Up of the Elections Confirms Regularity and No Negative Remarks

Sunday، 10 December 2023 - 03:58 PM

Diaa Rashwan, Chairman of the State Information Service (SIS), announced in a statement that SIS is following hour by hour the presidential elections, which began today, 10/12/2023, the first of the three scheduled days for voting.

The statement explained that foreign and Egyptian press and media reports, which the State Information Service (SIS) follows up, indicated that the electoral process is proceeding in various parts of the Republic in an orderly manner, and that large crowds were observed in front of polling stations since the early morning.

Rashwan added that these reports confirmed that all sub-polling stations had opened their doors to voters without a single exception, and their number is 11,631 stations within 9,376 electoral centers.

He stated that 528 press correspondents for foreign media are participating in covering these elections, including 426 resident correspondents and 102 visitors to cover the elections, representing 110 media organizations, including newspapers, magazines, news agencies, news websites and television channels, from about 33 countries worldwide.

Rashwan highlighted that in order to facilitate foreign correspondents’ coverage of the elections in all governorates of the Republic, the State Information Service organized a tour to follow them in North Sinai Governorate, which included 24 correspondents representing 18 foreign media outlets. Those correspondents covered the voting in a number of polls in Al-Arish, Sheikh Zuweid and Bir Al-Abd, in addition to checking on the current conditions at the Rafah crossing.

Rashwan explained that the Central Follow-up Room at the State Information Service, which is connected to its network of offices spread throughout the republic, has received only 4 comments from foreign correspondents related to filming inside some polling stations, and all of them have been resolved.

Chairman of the State Information Service summarized the global media’s coverage of the presidential elections (as of 14:00 on Sunday 10/12/2023) as follows:

1- There was great interest from the major and most widespread international media, as they all published reports on the outset of the voting in the elections with some information about the competition and the contestants.

2- The tackling was objective in general, and focused on describing what is happening inside and around the polling stations.

3- No comments, news, or any negative remarks were published regarding the atmosphere or procedures of the electoral process or its integrity, or interference by any state authorities or its entities, or showing any influence on voters.

4- There was no mention of any restrictions on observers, media professionals, or the freedom of candidates and their delegates.

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