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Al-Azhar Condemns Israel’s ‘Flour Massacre’ in Northern Gaza

Friday، 01 March 2024 - 04:25 PM

Egypt’s Al-Azhar condemned on Thursday 29/2/2024 in the strongest terms the latest massacre committed by the Israeli army against Palestinian refugees in North Gaza where more than 112 Palestinians were killed while attempting to get some food aid.

The scene “demonstrates the ‎impotence and ineffectiveness of the international ‎community in the face of all merciless and inhumane ‎occupying army soldiers who are saturated with bestiality and sickly pleasure in ‎claiming the lives of innocent Palestinians,” read the statement.

Early on Thursday, at least 112 people were killed and more than 760 injured after Israeli jetfighters and tanks opened fire on civilians gathered at an aid distribution point at the Nabulsi roundabout in northern Gaza.

The recent attack has been referred to as the ‘flour massacre’ on social media as photos showing the flour packs covered in the blood of the victims went viral.

Al-Azhar emphasized that “targeting the displaced people ‎in dire need of food and drink due to the famines ‎imposed by this criminal entity is a blemish on the ‎forehead of humanity that remains silent about what ‎is happening in Gaza.”

The attack, the statement said, represents ‎unprecedented cowardice and villainy in the history ‎of dealing with the displaced, adding a new crime to the black record of massacres committed ‎by the Zionists. 

“Even animals in the jungle would ‎refrain from such lowly brutality,” Al-Azhar, the world's most influential Sunni Islamic institution, continued, urging the world to wake up from its unprecedented coma.

The statement called on the world community to stop the Israeli inhumane siege of Gaza, force this Zionist entity to ‎retreat and stop its massacres against innocent ‎Palestinians and ‎dispatch relief convoys to the strip by all possible ‎means.

Egypt also strongly condemned the inhumane Israeli crime, reiterating its call for an immediate ceasefire.

It also urged the UN Security Council to provide protection for the Palestinian people and pressure Israel into complying with the provisions of international law and assuming its responsibilities as the occupying power.

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