12 April 2024 04:10 PM

Sweilem cooperate with FAO in the field of water

Monday، 04 March 2024 - 01:02 PM

Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, receives Mr. Qu Dongyao, Director-General of Good Food (FAO), and the delegation agrees with his Excellency - Mr. Maurizio Martina, Deputy Director-General of FAO, and Mr. Abdel-Hakim Al-Waer, Regional Representative, so enjoy FAO Middle East at the appropriate time.

To discuss ways to enhance cooperation between the Ministry and FAO in the field of water.

Dr. Sweilem investigated that the Ministry’s efforts in the field of improving water management, which is consequently reflected in the detailed security guarantees with the FAO, which are strengthened by food security in countries of the world, are concerned with the Ministry’s keenness to cooperate through the FAO in the project “Modernizing irrigation techniques to improve the livelihoods of farmers” in Egypt Side", in partnership with the Dutch government, aims to modernize health care systems for water production for the benefit of the Ministry of Small Farmers.

Sweilem, due to the Ministry’s desire to continue cooperation with FAO to identify and promote more successful successes of modern irrigation, including what later contributes to increasing farmers’ participation in modern irrigation. He cooperates with farmers in modern areas in various locations, and its long-term impact on modern irrigation on water rationalization continues. And expanding its scope according to the nature of humidity and the crop grown, which helps in identifying the best areas and optimal targets for conversion to modern irrigation.

these efforts are complementary to the great development that has occurred in the field of forming water user associations at the Masqa level, leading to the election of water user association secretaries at the doctors and governorate levels, and the election of the board of directors of water user associations at the republic level, including what contributed to confronting Challenging the fragmentation of agricultural ownership on the same stream, and uniting farmers located on the same stream to coordinate together in the field of water.

Participation with the Ministry’s agencies in the water system, in addition to these links in providing a participation platform between pasture farmers so that they can coordinate together in the field of water. Participation and facilitation of procedures. Receiving pledges, technology, and fertilizers, and facilitating access to major markets for selling agricultural crops.

During the meeting, cooperation between the Ministry and FAO was discussed in the field of studying the best sites and integration for agriculture using special high-salinity water with the state’s development in reusing agricultural wastewater, and cooperation in achieving road steam at the household level and effective uses for raising water.

Ways to enhance cooperation between the two sides were also discussed through the FAO-funded UERS organization.

A number of Canadian experts specialized in the field of water and climate change participated in training, and it was held at the “PAN AFRICAN Center for Aviation and Climate Adaptation,” which was used under the umbrella of the International Adaptation Initiative. In the water sector, AWARe raises the capabilities of African trainees in the field of water to deal with climate change.

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