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Egypt aims to procure 3.5 million tons of local wheat

Saturday، 13 April 2024 - 02:33 PM

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade has announced that its silos and receiving points will commence the purchase of local wheat from farmers starting Monday.

In the 2024 procurement season, Egypt has set its sights on acquiring 3.5 million tons of local wheat, according to Minister of Supply Ali Moselhi.

He further emphasized that farmers and suppliers will receive their dues within 24 hours of supplying the wheat quantities.

While wheat supply remains optional this season, Ahmed Kamal, Assistant Minister of Supply, clarified that transporting wheat from one location to another without a permit from the supply directorates in the respective governorates is prohibited.

During the supply season, private sector mills are not permitted to utilize local wheat without obtaining authorization from the ministry, Kamal added.

Furthermore, owners of fodder factories and fish farms are prohibited from including local wheat as an ingredient in their products.

The purchase price for wheat this season ranges from LE 1,900 to LE 2,000 per ardeb based on purity, representing an increase from LE 1,600 per ardeb during the 2023 season.

Egypt, with an annual wheat consumption of about 20 million tons, relies heavily on imported wheat, accounting for about half of its total consumption.

Wheat is used extensively in bread-making, serving the nutritional needs of millions of Egyptians.

In 2023, Egypt’s wheat imports surged by more than 14.5 percent to 11 million tons, according to Ibrahim Ashmawi, the Deputy Minister of Supply.

Egypt has been exerting concerted efforts to secure wheat reserves especially in light of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, which disrupted global supply chains.

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