26 May 2024 11:37 PM

Egypt expresses deep concern over Iranian Israeli escalation, calls for restraint

Sunday، 14 April 2024 - 12:11 AM

In a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday, April 13, Egypt voiced its apprehension regarding the announced Iranian offensive marches against Israel and the dangerous indications of heightened tensions between the two nations in recent times. The statement emphasized the need for maximum self-control to prevent further instability and tension in the region.

Egypt's concerns stem from the belief that the ongoing dangerous escalation in the Iranian/Israeli arena is a direct consequence of the warnings it has repeatedly issued in the past. The country has consistently cautioned against the perils of expanding the conflict in the region, specifically following Israel's military campaign in the Gaza Strip and the provocative military activities observed in the area, the statement added. 

Highlighting its commitment to resolving the situation, Egypt emphasized that it remains in constant communication with all relevant parties, striving to contain the escalating tensions and avert any further threats to the region's stability and the interests of its people.


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