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Supply Ministry launches sixth humanitarian aid convoy to Gaza

Friday، 19 April 2024 - 10:34 AM

Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, in collaboration with Catholic Relief Services, launched Thursday 18/4/2024 its sixth aid convoy to Gaza.

The convoy is the ministry's largest since the beginning of Israel's brutal war on Gaza.

According to the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, the convoy includes 30 trucks carrying 100 tons of supplies, including 7,000 blankets, 5,000 mattresses, and 2,000 sleeping mats.

Major General Ahmed Fathy, Deputy Chairman of the General Committee for Foreign Aid at the Ministry of Supply, said, during the inspection of the sixth convoy before its departure to the Rafah border crossing in preparation for entering Gaza, that the total number of aid convoys sent to Gaza by the Committee in collaboration with the Catholic Relief Services amounted to six convoys.

Fathy explained that the first convoy contained 16 tons of aid, the second 23 tons, the third 61 tons, the fourth 40 tons, the fifth 65 tons, and the sixth 100 tons.

He noted that the total emergency relief aid sent to Gaza amounted to 305 tons through 106 trucks bearing 23,000 blankets, 16,000 mattresses, 8,000 tents, 5,000 sleeping mats, 6,000 plastic sheets for tent protection from rain, and general and personal hygiene tools for 30,000 families.

Furthermore, Fathy confirmed that a seventh convoy is being prepared based on the demands of the people of Gaza.

For her part, Dina Rafat, representative of the Catholic Relief Services in Egypt, stated that the organization has sent urgent relief to Gaza since October last year in collaboration with the General Committee for Foreign Aid.

Rafat also highlighted the Egyptian government's significant cooperation in facilitating all convoy procedures and overcoming obstacles. In addition, she pointed out that almost all the aid to Gaza came from the local market and that they had to import only those items lacking in the Egyptian market, including specific types of tents.

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