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Shoukry: Egypt working with Turkey to achieve regional security, stability

Saturday، 20 April 2024 - 01:39 PM

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said on Saturday 20/04/2024 that Egypt is working with Turkey towards achieving security and stability in the region, hailing the advancement of the trade relations between the two countries and increasing their volume over the past period.

Shoukry, during a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Hakan Fidan in Istanbul, expressed gratitude over the warm welcome as well as the intensified meeting and exchanged visits over the past period, as per directives of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan to strengthen bilateral relations and cooperation.

The talks took up bilateral relations and means of developing them at the political, economic, cultural and security levels towards achieving the common interests of both countries and boosting cooperation at the regional level, the Egyptian top diplomat said.

He hailed the development of trade relations as well as increasing the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and Turkey.

During president Erdogan's visit to Cairo and meeting with president Sisi, they have agreed on advancing trade relations through increasing trade exchange to reach 15 billion dollars or even more, Shoukry added.

The meeting asserted maintaining work within the legal framework, in order to fulfill the desired goals, Shoukry went on to say.

Shoukry said that he - alongside his Turkish counterpart - have been assigned to carry out preparations for the meeting of the high-level Strategic Cooperation Council, noting that they will outline a legal framework for the agreements in preparation for the meetings of the strategic council.

The weight of the two countries and their contributions to tackling regional and international issues is a matter of top priority, Shoukry said, adding that Egypt and Turkey are prioritizing regional issues, topped by the war in the Gaza Strip and its devastating impact on the Palestinian people and the cause after a death toll surpassing 33,000 and more than 100,000 injuries.

He added that the continuation of the war without reaching a ceasefire deal and ensuring the delivery of humanitarian aid along with the continued displacement of the Palestinians are matters that require serious handling.

The Egyptian foreign minister has asserted the necessity of having a political path for establishing a Palestinian state on the borders of June, 1967, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

The Egyptian foreign minister said that talks with his Turkish counterpart have tackled the situation in Libya, Syria, Sudan, Yemen and Somalia as well as the significance of joint action towards solving the current problems and achieving stability.

"There is no conflict of interests between Egypt and Turkey, yet there is complementarity and ability to have positive impact in solving current issues and achieving the interests of each country, without harming the other side," Shoukry said, expressing hope for continuing such a coordination and interaction between the two sides.

He added that "At the personal level, I am grateful to the Turkish foreign minister whom I consider a brother and friend for his openness during the meetings, and what I perceive of real desire to advance our bilateral relations and coordination at the regional level, in implementation of the directives of the Egyptian and Turkish presidents in this regard."

Shoukry said that he is looking forward to receiving his Turkish counterpart and his accompanying delegation in Cairo shortly, in order to finalize preparations for convening the high-level Strategic Cooperation Council.

Answering a questions about Egypt's diplomatic steps to deliver the largest possible amount of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, Shoukry said that since the eruption of the war in Gaza, Egypt has been exerting major effort to secure assistance for civilians there.

The Egyptian top diplomat has highlighted various Israeli obstacles that have faced Egypt while delivering the assistance to Gaza, including targeting Rafah border crossing.

"Egypt, in cooperation with its international partners, is underscoring the necessity of delivering humanitarian assistance in quantities that could fulfill the needs of the Palestinian people," Shoukry said, adding that Egypt has set up a center in El Arish city to collect aid provided by all countries to Palestinians, including those provided by Turkey.

"We have agreed with the Israeli side to ease the measures of delivering the assistance to the Gaza Strip," Shoukry added, noting that Egypt is not satisfied with the amount of such aid as well as impeding the delivery of the needed quantities.

He underlined the necessity of opening the Israeli crossing for entering the assistance, saying that there are six crossings and Israeli as an occupying state should be committed to meeting the need of residents in Gaza, under the international law.

The Egyptian foreign minister, while answering a question about the military escalation between Iran and Israel and its impact on the region, expressed deep concern over the current escalation in the region.

Addressing a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Fidan Saturday in Istanbul, Shoukry said that Egypt has warned - since the start of the military escalation in the region - that the war in Gaza would lead to expanding the scale of regional conflict and tension, which has resulted in targeting the navigation movement in the Red Sea and badly-affecting the global economy.

Egypt has urged self-restraint and avoiding further direct and in-direct military confrontation between Iran and Israel, Shoukry said, affirming that the military escalation between Iran and Israel doesn’t serve the interest of the Palestinian people or regional stability, rather it would lead to more tension and negative impacts on peoples of the region.

Egypt has been working –by whatever means – through contacts to avoid exacerbating the situation, the Egyptian top diplomat said.

He called for solving all problems through dialogue and in accordance with principals of the international legitimacy and the UN charter, underscoring that a further military conflict poses a threat to the whole world.

The Egypt foreign minister highlighted the key role of Qatar throughout the past period, in cooperation with Egypt and the US, within the framework of the underway negotiations to reach a ceasefire deal, release the detainees alongside ensuring the delivery of aid to the Gaza Strip.

Shoukry said that the aggravated situation due to the ongoing war in Gaza and its repercussion on the Palestinian people, as well as tensions it caused in the region, emphasize the necessity of continuing efforts towards declaring a ceasefire.

Egypt will continue its efforts to announce an immediate ceasefire to save the souls of the civilians and the Palestinian issue, Shoukry said, stressing that Egypt has been avoiding any attempts or policies aimed at liquidating the Palestinian cause through forcefully displacing the Palestinian people from their homeland.


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