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Irrigation min.: Projects in Nile basin countries aimed at improving living

Tuesday، 23 April 2024 - 01:16 PM


Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation Hani Sewilam Tuesday said the projects carried out by the ministry in the Nile basin countries aim to improve the living standards of societies there, in light of fraternity relations linking Egypt and African countries.

This came during a meeting between Sewilam and number of leaderships of the Irrigation Ministry to follow up on bilateral co-operation between Egypt and Nile basin countries, especially South Sudan.

The meeting reviewed the implementation rate of various development projects carried out by Egypt in South Sudan, including setting up drinking water treatment plants, erecting barrages for rainwater harvesting, upgrading monitoring stations and building river anchorages.

It also discussed the schedule of inaugurating the finalized projects in the Nile basin countries as well as the date for giving the green light to begin the implementation of new projects there.

Sewilam highlighted Egypt’s collaboration with South Sudan to establish 20 solar-powered stations for potable underground water that serve about 100,000 citizens.

He added that the ministry established risk reduction projects as well as dams to benefit from rainfall in drought season.

Sweilam noted that eight stations for drinking subterranean water were established in South Sudan within the framework the Egypt’s efforts to support riparian countries.

 Egyptian Gazette


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