13 June 2024 03:16 AM

SIS : Egypt unwaveringly supports Palestinian rights despite mediation uncertainty

Friday، 24 May 2024 - 10:49 AM

Chairman of the State Information Service (SIS) Diaa Rashwan, asserted on Thursday 23/5/2024 that Egypt's potential withdrawal from mediation efforts will not diminish its unwavering support for the rights of the Palestinian people.

In an interview with Sky News TV channel, Rashwan said Israel provoked Egypt by accusing Cairo of supplying weapons to the resistance and closing the Rafah border crossing.

"Israel repeated these accusations at the International Criminal Court," he noted, adding that Tel Aviv's accusations are part of Israel's efforts to displace Palestinians.

Rashwan pointed out that the continuous campaigns against Egypt and the claims that it has changed the draft of the truce deal between Palestinians and Israelis might eventually lead Cairo to withdraw from a mediation process that was initially instigated at the behest of the US and Israel.

Rashwan affirmed that Egypt has continuously safeguarded its interests and those of Palestine and has done so during all previous wars in Gaza.

"Israel's widespread aggression has destabilised the entire region, causing Egypt to fear for regional stability due to this escalation," he said.

Furthermore, SIS Chairman affirmed that Cairo seeks peace but is also committed to ensuring its national security and preventing the liquidation of the Palestinian cause. Therefore, according to Rashwan, Egypt remains "cautious but not fearful."

 From: Ahram Online 


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