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FM: Egyptian students issue in Kyrgyzstan solved

Friday، 24 May 2024 - 06:03 PM

The Egyptian embassy in Kazakhstan announced on Thursday 24/5/2024 that the problem of Egyptian students who are involved in quarrels and attacks in Kyrgyzstan has been solved, according to a statement released by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The embassy succeeded in containing and ending the crisis of Egyptian students as all necessary procedures were completed to release the detainees and take them to their residences, the statement added.

In addressing the challenges students may encounter academically and mitigating any adverse psychological effects resulting from the incident, the official spokesperson disclosed that the consular mission dispatched to Kyrgyzstan held discussions with the president of IMU University, where over 530 Egyptian students are enrolled.

Significant progress was made in facilitating and resolving most of the issues faced by students. The university president agrees to adjust the exam schedule for those opting to return to Egypt early.

Additionally, first-year students were granted permission to depart, under the condition of returning to sit for their exams following the summer break.

The head of the consular mission dispatched to Bishkek conducted an extensive session with leaders of the Egyptian community and numerous students in Kyrgyzstan. The aim was to assess their consular requirements, gather their insights on the situation, and explore measures to prevent any recurrence of similar incidents while ensuring the safety of our students in Kyrgyzstan.

Additionally, a virtual meeting was convened with Egyptian students residing across various regions in Kyrgyzstan to offer reassurance and assess their well-being and safety.

It is noteworthy that Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry promptly directed the dispatch of a consular mission to the Kyrgyz capital, Bishkek, immediately following the outbreak of events.

The mission's objectives were to check on students, stabilize their conditions, and actively safeguard their rights while providing necessary protection.

The issue concerning Egyptian students and other foreign students, including Arabs, emerged when they were approached by Kyrgyzstani young men who demanded cigarettes. Upon refusal, the Egyptian students rushed to their residence. However, they were pursued by the Kyrgyzstani men, resulting in physical altercations where some Egyptian and Arab students sustained injuries.

Furthermore, additional video footage surfaced depicting Egyptian students attacking Kyrgyzstani men, as reported by Al Arabiya, while Al Jazeera indicated that four Egyptian students were detained due to the confrontations.

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