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Bilateral Relations

Egypt and Mexico

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It is a federal constitutional republic in North America. It is bordered to the north by the United States, to the south and west by the Pacific Ocean, to the southeast by Guatemala, Belize and the Caribbean Sea, and to the east by the Gulf of Mexico.


1,973,000 km²


Mexican Peso


Spanish, Nawatl, Mayan Yucatian


Mexico City

Political relations

Relations between the two countries are generally calm, although Mexico and Egypt are seriously seeking to consolidate bilateral relations and respond to any initiative that leads to this, with Mexico appreciating Egypt's active role at the regional and international levels and its efforts to bring peace to the Middle East.

The views largely coincide about the Middle East peace process, the Iranian nuclear file, in addition to Mexico's full support for the Egyptian proposal to establish a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East, as well as the agreement of the two countries' visions on the importance of the success of the decisions of the Cancun Conference on climate change.

The views are largely identical regarding the Middle East peace process, the Iranian nuclear file, as well as Mexico's support for the Egyptian proposal to establish a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East.

There is an exchange of support for Egyptian and Mexican candidacies in international organizations, the latest of which is a deal under which Mexico votes in favor of Egypt's membership in the Civil Aviation Organization and the Executive Board of UNESCO, in exchange for Egypt's vote for Mexico's membership in the International Council for Human Rights, as well as coordination in the field of multilateral issues.

- On 3/3/2023, Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry met with Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard on the sidelines of the G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meetings in India, the two ministers stressed pride in the close ties between Egypt and Mexico, expressing their aspiration to upgrade economic relations between the two countries and increase the volume of investments. The two ministers also exchanged views on several regional and international issues of common concern, most notably the food crisis and the repercussions of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis on the international arena. The two ministers also praised the cooperation Shoukry reviewed the Egyptian vision for a number of files of common interest, such as the Egyptian vision regarding the recent developments in the Palestinian territories and the Egyptian efforts in this regard. The Foreign Minister also touched on the issue of reforming and expanding the Security Council, stressing the constants of the Egyptian position, which is to adhere to the agreed unified African position, in terms of adhering to the "Ozolini" consensus and the "Sirte" declaration.

On 21/6/2022, Ambassador Carmen Moreno Toscano, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, visited Egypt on June 20 and 21 with the aim of holding meetings with officials of the Egyptian government and the League of Arab States, the tenth round of political consultation mechanisms between Mexico and Egypt was held, within the framework of the political dialogue between the two countries, headed by Ambassador Carmen Moreno, Deputy Foreign Minister of Mexico and Ambassador Mahi Abdel Latif, Assistant Secretary of State for American Affairs,   The two delegations addressed the priority topics of bilateral relations within the framework of a constructive dialogue on regional and global issues, where common priorities were identified in multilateral forums, and highlighted that for the first time there are Egyptian companies in Mexico and Mexican companies in Egypt.

On 28/9/2020, a round of political consultations was held between Egypt and Mexico via video conference technology, headed by Ambassador Mahi Hassan Abdel Latif, Assistant Secretary of State for American Affairs, and Julian Ventura, Mexican Deputy Foreign Minister for Foreign Affairs, the consultations dealt with ways to enhance bilateral relations between Egypt and Mexico at the political levels, and  the   talks touched on a number of issues of common interest, within the framework of the Mexican side's keenness to continue coordination with Egypt regarding what the Middle East region is going through  From developments, as a pivotal country in the region, and also in light of Mexico's non-permanent membership in the Security Council for the years 2020-2021.   At the end of the consultations, the Egyptian and Mexican delegations agreed on the importance of continuing consultation and coordination on issues of interest to the two countries, in order to achieve the mutual interests of the two parties and push them forward to the extent commensurate with the economic and political capabilities of the two countries, and their regional and international weight.

On 12/4/2020, the Ambassador of the State of Mexico in Cairo expressed his country's appreciation for the support and efforts made by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the concerned authorities in Egypt to help in the return of Mexican nationals to their country after the suspension of flights.

On 5/8/2015, Carlos de Icaza, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, and Diplomatic Advisor to the Mexican President, visited Egypt as a representative of Mexico at the opening ceremony of the new Suez Canal, received by Sameh Shoukry, Minister of Foreign Affairs.

On 21/4/2015, Mexico witnessed the holding of the seventh session of the Egyptian-Mexican political consultations headed by Ambassador Mohamed Farid Mounib, Assistant Foreign Minister for Americas Affairs and the Organization of American States, and Ambassador Carlos de Icasa, Deputy Mexican Foreign Minister, and with the participation of the Egyptian Embassy in Mexico, and the consultations also witnessed the holding of working meetings for the Egyptian Assistant Foreign Minister with the Mexican Foreign Minister, his deputy, the Deputy Minister for Latin America, the Executive Director of the Mexican Agency for International Cooperation for Development and the Director of the Department  United Nations, the Chairperson and members of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations with Africa, and the Director of International and Technical Relations of the Mexican Agency for Trade and Investment Promotion.

On 8/7/2014, Yasser Shaaban, Egypt's ambassador to Mexico, met with Eloy Cantu Segovia, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and Deputy Speaker of the Mexican House of Representatives, where Shaaban gave a detailed explanation of the developments in Egypt and the progress in implementing the terms of the roadmap, starting from the adoption of the permanent constitution of the country, until the election of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi as head of state. In this context, Segovia stressed his  follow-up and interest in the developments of events in Egypt since January 25, 2011, stressing the importance of the rule of law for everyone in the current and next stage, while working continuously after the return of Parliament to exercise its role, requesting the transfer of his congratulations to Mr. President on his deserved victory in the presidential elections, and pointing out that Egypt needs more than ever a strong leadership that preserves its security and stability, and restores its important regional role, and expressed his readiness to visit Cairo at the head of a parliamentary delegation In coordination between the Foreign Relations Committee of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies and the Egyptian-Mexican Parliamentary Friendship Association of the Council, or inviting an Egyptian parliamentary delegation to visit Mexico.

In January 2014, a delegation from the Mexican-Egyptian Parliamentary Friendship Association visited Egypt for the purpose of supporting bilateral relations and discussing aspects of joint cooperation in the field of investment and tourism between the two sides and reviewing the developments of the road map entitlements.

Economic relations

The Ambassador of Mexico in Cairo, Jose Octavio Tribe, revealed that the volume of Mexican investments in Egypt reached one billion dollars, in areas including cement industry, chemicals, and water management, pointing out that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries is weak, and that negotiations are being held with the Ministry of Trade and Industry to update trade agreements and memoranda of understanding between the two countries, and that since the eighties with the aim of activating the movement of trade, calling on the Businessmen Association to organize a delegation of men, and He explained that Mexican investments in Egypt are constantly growing, pointing out that a new factory will be opened in Borg El Arab in the field of chemicals next January, with an estimated investment of $ 36 million, as well as a company working in the field of water management in the Abu Rawash area with investments of $ 320 million, and that there are promising opportunities for  Egyptian-Mexican cooperation in the fields of industry and trade, most notably cooperation in the field of water management and in the textile and energy sector, and scientific exchange at the level of universities and research between the two countries.

Milestones of economic relations between the two countries

On 17/9/2020, Counselor Mohamed Abdel Wahab, CEO of the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, received the Ambassador of the State of Mexico in Cairo, Jose Octavio Tribe, in the presence of Alberto Rivas,  Director of Polymerus de Mexico, the two sides discussed the investments of the Mexican company in Alexandria Governorate, the two sides reviewed the promising investment opportunities that Mexican companies can inject investments in during the coming period, where the Chairman of the Investment Authority reviewed the investment incentives to attract foreign investments to Egypt, stressing the importance of working to attract more  Of Mexican investments, especially with the diversity of investment opportunities available in all fields. Alberto Rivas reviewed the progress made by his company in the procedures for establishing its factory in Borg El Arab, which will be opened in October 2020, pointing out that the company aims to export its products to European countries, several African countries and the Middle East.

On 25/10/2016, Rania Hagras, in the trade agreements sector of the Egyptian Businessmen Association, said that the economic relations between Egypt and Mexico lack a clear legislative framework through the reactivation of bilateral trade agreements, including agreements to prevent double taxation and customs agreements to facilitate the movement of bilateral trade, Hajras added, during the "Egyptian-Mexican" business forum organized by the Egyptian Businessmen Association in cooperation with the Embassy of Mexico in Cairo and the Promexico Foundation, "Egypt and Mexico are two countries that have great opportunities to multiply  The volume of trade and investment by maximizing the benefit from the trade agreements signed by Egypt, including COMESA, which makes it a gateway for export to Africa, in addition to trade agreements with Arab countries and the free trade agreements enjoyed by the State of Mexico.

On 6/4/2014, Dr. Ashraf El-Araby, Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, received George Alves Fonts, the Mexican Ambassador in Cairo, to discuss the possibilities of bilateral cooperation between Egypt and Mexico, as well as the participation of Egypt represented by the Minister of Planning and International Cooperation in the first high-level meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Cooperation for Development, which will be held on 15 and 16 April 2014 in Mexico.  The meeting also reviewed the developments that the Egyptian economy is going through in light of the recent events, economic repercussions, government plans to confront the current economic and social conditions, and the measures taken by the government to implement the roadmap after the adoption of the constitution in 2014 and the start of presidential election procedures.

Tourism Relations

On 23/9/2022, Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, CEO of the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization, and Ambassador José Octavio Tribe, Ambassador of the State of Mexico in Cairo, inaugurated an exhibition of photographs about Egypt and Mexico, under the title "Mexico and Egypt from Above: A Unique Perspective", in the Egyptian Textile Hall of the Museum, in cooperation between the Egyptian Museum of Egyptian Civilization and the Mexican Embassy in Cairo.

On 2/2/2014, the Chairman of the Tourism Promotion Authority, Ambassador Nasser Hamdy and his accompanying delegation, which includes Elhami Al-Zayat, President of the Federation of Tourism Chambers, international archeology expert Zahi Hawass, and Mohamed Fayez, Vice President of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, met with the Deputy Federal Minister of Tourism and the President of the Mexican Tourism Promotion Authority, where the two sides reviewed the political situation in Egypt. The Chairman of the Authority stressed that the Egyptian tourist destination is completely safe and is currently prepared to receive tourists from all over the world, especially Mexico, as the diversity of the tourism product in Egypt suits the requirements of the Mexican tourist.

On 16/11/2013, Yasser Shaaban, Ambassador of Egypt to Mexico, held a lengthy meeting with the President of the Mexican Writers Union and the President of the Association of Travel and Tourism Agencies, heads of tourism departments in daily newspapers and magazines widespread in Mexico, a number of media representatives, and a number of newspaper editors-in-chief, within the framework of the efforts of embassies abroad to promote tourism to Egypt, during the  meeting was a review of the developments of the internal situation in the country, stressing the full readiness to receive the citizens of Mexico to enjoy tourist destinations in Egypt, in light of stability  Which is witnessed by all tourist sites.

Cultural Relations

On 2/4/2023, the Mexican writer and playwright Daimari Sanchez visited Cairo to attend a cultural and literary exchange activity with Egyptian writers and Spanish language students, within the framework of celebrating the 65th anniversary of the start of diplomatic relations between Mexico and Egypt, and the publication of contemporary Mexican literature. Daimari Sanchez met with a number of Spanish language students at the Instituto Cervantes in Cairo in order to attend a conference on contemporary literary creativity in Mexico and Egypt, and the meeting will be published through the cultural channel of Egypt on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, through the communication sites of the Local Institute of Arts and Culture in the city of Tecati and the Instituto Cervantes. The writer participated in a seminar held at the headquarters of the Egyptian Writers Union on contemporary Mexican literature, and talked about the development of literary creativity and the topics that Mexican writers are interested in at the present time.

On 14/12/2022, the Egyptian side was represented by Dr. Sherif El-Gayar, Chairman of the International Relations Committee of the Egyptian Writers Union, and the novelist Mona Al-Assassi, a member of the committee, where they met with Eduardo Fraguso, the Mexican Cultural Attaché, to discuss a number of activities and discuss joint cultural cooperation. The meeting was welcomed by representatives of the Mexican Embassy, and a number of joint cultural activities were consulted, and a constructive dialogue took place between the attendees on deepening cultural relations between the two sides. The Mexican side showed great cooperation, which resulted in the initial approval of the program prepared by Al-Assassi, which included a number of important axes, starting with an overview of Egyptian-Mexican relations, contemporary literature in Egypt and Mexico, customs, traditions and arts, and the translation movement of both Egyptian and Mexican literature, and the important role of this in bringing peoples together, and the deadline for the event will be determined after the adoption of the program by both sides, the event is scheduled to start with a welcome speech from the President of the Federation, followed by a speech by Mr. Eduardo Attaché Mexican cultural, then the speech of Prof. Dr. Sherif El-Gayar, Chairman of the Committee. This is followed by the rest of the events and the participation of the honorable attendees.

On 30/9/2022, the Minister of Culture, Dr.  Nevine Kilani, at the World Conference on Cultural Policies and Sustainable Development (MONDIACULT 2022), held in Mexico, with a recorded speech, which is held under the auspices of UNESCO.

On 23/5/2022, the award ceremony of the Mexican Novel Competition was held in its first session in the presence of Dr. Karma Sami, Director of the National Center for Translation, Ambassador Octavio Tripp and the Mexican novelist Juan Pioro.  The Mexican Novel Translation Award in its first session was won by Dr. Rehab Wahdan, and the translators whose names were shortlisted received certificates of appreciation and a set of books donated by the National Center for Translation and the Embassy of Mexico in Cairo and the writer Juan Peoro: Bassem Mohamed Mustafa, Dr. Ali Mohamed Abdel Latif and Mohamed Massad Saeed Mahdi.

On 16/9/2020, the Foreign Cultural Relations Sector, in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Culture, organized a cultural evening entitled "Egypt, Mexico - Cultural Relations.

On 16/9/2018, the Mexican Ambassador to Cairo, José Octavie, said that the cultural exchange between Egypt and Mexico is old and growing every year, as the two countries are curious to learn about foreign cultures.

From 25 to 29/5/2015 The Egyptian Embassy in Mexico City participated in the organization and implementation of the African Week in Mexico, in coordination with the African embassies in Mexico, the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Senate, and the week witnessed many political and cultural events and seminars on promoting investment in Africa, where the embassy presented a presentation of investment opportunities available in Egypt and in African countries in general, in addition to the establishment of a festival for African food and beverages and sports events.

During the period from 23 to 30/2014  within the framework of the  efforts made by the Egyptian embassies to promote culture and tourism to  Egypt, the Embassy of Egypt in Mexico, in cooperation with the Association of Friends of the Francophonie and the House of the  Francophonie in Mexico, organized a cultural week for the most prominent Egyptian cultural and artistic figures, within seminars and seminars on Egyptian culture and the pillars of Egyptian art and literature, including the international writer Naguib Mahfouz, Dr. Tharwat Okasha, the lady of Arab singing um Kulthum, and the international artist Omar Sharif,  The Embassy has prepared a promotional programme for the Cultural Week in the Mexican media in order to achieve its desired objectives.

On 22/11/2013, the Council of Graduate Studies and Research at Suez Canal University, headed by Dr. Mamdouh Mustafa Ghorab, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, agreed to participate in the executive program project between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Republic of Mexico.

Egyptian Community in Mexico

The Egyptian community in Mexico is estimated at about 500 citizens, 150 of whom are registered in the embassy records, and most of them work in the field of Egyptian handicrafts trade related to the Pharaonic civilization, and some other goods such as textiles and traditional cosmetics.  

Cooperation Agreements

On 14/12/2022 Cultural Cooperation Agreement between Egypt and Mexico

On 21/6/2022, a memorandum of understanding between the Matías Romero Institute in Mexico and the Egyptian Diplomatic Institute with the aim of enhancing bilateral cooperation in the field of research and preparing diplomats.

On 7/8/2007, Egypt and Mexico signed a bilateral cooperation agreement between the two countries aimed at supporting and activating cooperation in the fields of agriculture, industry, trade exchange, education, scientific research, infrastructure, and electricity.

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