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National Security & Middle East Future Paper

Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

The paper discusses Egypt’s view of a so-called new/big Middle East region as considered from the point of view of the country’s national interests especially in the aftermath of Israel’s war on Lebanon, and the situation in Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Sudan and Somalia.

The fundamentals of national security are also defined: ensuring the welfare of the general public, promoting national and regional stability and putting to good use the unparalleled network of distinguished relations which Egypt has forged over the years with the world’s big powers.

The paper deals with the challenges facing Egypt’s national interests identifying them as follows:

1. Regional instability vs. attempts to cool off inflamed situations.
2. Searching for a new approach to revive the deadlocked peace process.
3. Building up an all-integrated State power.
4. Balancing out Arab reforms with the nation’s major issues.
5. Managing relations with Iran.
6. Managing the now-continually-dynamic relations with the US.

The fundamentals of the National Democratic Party’s moves are summed up as follows:

• To reassert Egypt’s role in the peace process based on a) helping the Palestinians realign themselves politically and b) attempting to revive negotiations over a durable settlement.

• To envision a forward-looking view of the Middle East based on transparency and seek to restore the institutional foundations of common Arab action.

• To endeavor to steer US foreign policy towards positivism, thus serving Egypt’s national interests, and promoting bilateral ties.

• To safeguard Iraq’s Arab identity.

• To act towards declaring the Middle East free of all weapons of mass destruction.

• To check Iran’s regional influence and endeavor to turn the country into a stabilizing regional factor.

• To safeguard Sudan’s unity by neutralizing growing international pressure and accelerating integration with the various Sudanese parties.

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