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African Perspectives Issue 39

Monday، 23 December 2013 - 12:00 AM



Legal Dimensions of the Nile Water Issue

By Ambassador : Amgad Maher Abd al-Ghaffar

Chairman of the State Information Service


3-Commitment of International Conventions on the River Nile

By: Dr. Ahmed Abulwafa

Professor of Public International Law

4- Dispute Settlement on International River UsesRiver Nile Uses as an Example

Dr. Ibrahim M. Al-Anani

Professor of Public International Law

Equitable and Reasonable  Utilization of International Rivers in the UN Conventionwith a Particular Reference to the River Nile

Dr. Mohamed Shawki Abdel Aal

Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science -Cairo University

Legal Commitments regulating the Establishment of Water Projects on International Rivers Application Study over the Nile Basin

Counselor Dr.: Mosaad Abdel Aty Shetewy

PHD in International Law on Water

The Principle of Fundamental Change in Circumstances and its Impact on the Nile Basin Agreements

Dr. Ayman SalamaInternational law expert

A Study on the Concept of International River in International Water Law and Its Applications in Nile Basin Agreements

By Dr. Hesham Hamza Abdul Hamid

PhD in International Water Law

Water Cooperation in the Nile Basin Between Negative Recognition and Political Dimensions

Dr. Ayman al-Sayyed Abdel Wahhab

Expert in African Affairs and Nile Basin Al-Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies

Cooperative Management  of Transboundary Waters between The Rule of Law and State Sovereignty

Dr. Hosam Elemam

Ex-Senior Researcher, Bergen University-Norway

Consultant of Environment and Water Law

Member of Commission of Environmental Law-IUC

Final Recommendations of the Conference on  Nile Basin Agreements in Light of the  Provisions of the International Law “The Centre of Judicial Studies and Research of the State Council “ March 30/31, 2013



















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