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Interview of New SIS Chairman with Al-Ahram Newspaper

Thursday، 09 January 2014 - 12:00 AM

In an interview with Al-Ahram newspaper, newly-appointed SIS Chairman Ambassador Salah Abdelsadeq promised that no wrongdoer would go unpunished, particularly when it comes to one of Egypt’s most important media outlets, referring in this case to the flawed banner hung behind Mr Amr Moussa, the chairman of the Committee of Fifty during the international press conference held in SIS Headquarters. He further stressed the importance of informing Egyptians with the facts and responding to citizens’ queries concerning the constitution, especially with regard to articles deleted or misrepresented in fake documents distributed by the Muslim Brotherhood in the governorates. Ambassador Abdelsadeq said that the SIS has printed an enormous number of copies of the constitution in Arabic and English.

Answering a question on the performance of SIS Media Offices Abroad (MOA), Ambassador Abdelsadeq promised an improvement soon. He stressed the importance of inviting foreign journalists to Egypt to get the right impression of the Egyptian people’s opinion on the roadmap to the future.

The Internet and Information departments, he added, monitor and analyse all reports and articles compiled or written about Egypt in the foreign media. These analyses are put before the country’s decision-makers.

Ambassador Abdelsadeq said that many countries in Asia and elsewhere have no correspondents or press offices in Egypt. They depend mostly on such news agencies as Reuters, the BBC or al-Jazeera which renders them unbiased and opposed to Egypt in most cases. This puts greater pressure on our MOAs in the 72 countries across the globe. However we must not forget that the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood media machine spends hundreds of millions of dollars to stigmatize Egypt, the June 2013 Revolution, and the Army by spreading lies. Meanwhile, however limited the resources of our MOAs  are, they have exerted their utmost. He added that under his tenure, the SIS will be closely cooperating with the Foreign Ministry to host journalists and media personnel from all over the world to have them see the facts of the situation.

Ambassador Abdelsadeq said that thanks to the efforts of SIS MOAs and of honest and loyal Egyptians most countries, poisoned by the Muslim Brotherhood media machine have turned around; i.e. with the exception of Qatar, Turkey and Iran.

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