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Israeli Aggression on Gaza

Tuesday، 05 August 2014 - 12:00 AM

Egypt has been always concerned with the Palestinian cause in terms of the Egyptian national security and ties of blood, nationality and geography with the Palestinian people.
Thus the Palestinian cause comes as a top priority in the Egyptian foreign policy since more than a half century.
Egypt's support for the Palestinian cause over decades has never sought personal interests and it has never been a point of international or regional bargaining. As well, Egypt's concern with this cause has not changed due to the change of Egyptian regimes.
Egypt has provided the Palestinian people with all kinds of support. Egypt has managed to get the Palestinian cause internationally recognized, having become a cause of people and homeland not just refugees. At the Arab level, Egypt adopted the first Arab resolution underlining the independence of Palestine in October 1944.
Moreover, Egypt hosted the first Arab summit in May 1946, which highlighted the fact that the Palestinian cause is a cause of all Arabs.
At the African level, Egypt participated in the African summit conference held in Casablanca in January 1961 where it declared that it confronts Israel and protects Africa's eastern gate. Egypt also stressed that all the liberated African countries have to put an end to the Israeli penetration into the black continent. Also, Egypt took part in most conferences that laid emphasis on the Palestinians' legitimate rights. At the level of Non-Aligned Movement countries, Egypt played a leading role within the framework of Bandung conference in 1955, which got the Palestinian cause to gain weight at the international level.
At the international level, Egypt exerted all efforts in issuing several international resolutions that highlighted the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination and sovereignty. Among which are the UN resolution No. 3236, UN General Assembly resolution No. 3375 to let the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) participate in all discussions and conferences concerning the Middle East.
In 1976 Egypt handed in an official request to the US Secretary of State and former Soviet Union Foreign Minister being the heads of the international peace conference, to invite the PLO to take part in the conference.
Egypt took part in organizing and signing all peace treaties between Israel and the PLO starting with Oslo Accord in 1993. Egypt played a prominent role to sign the Cairo Protocol in August 1995.
In Taba city an interim agreement was signed to boost the Palestinian self-rule. According to this agreement, Israel withdrew from the West Bank's main cities among which are Ramallah, Bethlehem and Nablus.
Egypt played an important role in signing Hebron Agreement in 1997. Egypt also participated in the initiative presented by the Arab group to the UN in 1997 stipulating upgrading the Palestinian representation in the international organization. In 1998 Egypt and France launched an initiative to hold an international conference to rescue the peace process.
Egypt exerted more efforts in approving the road map plan which was adopted by the quartet committee in October 2002. This plan includes a comprehensive vision of settling the Palestinian issue and thus establishing an independent Palestinian state. In addition, Egypt approved the non-official Geneva document between the Israeli and Palestinian sides in December 2003 regarding it as a balanced peace example capable of ending the conflict between the two sides.
Egypt, in pursuance of its support for the Palestinian cause over decades, backs Palestinians by means of aid, training programs, providing Gaza with electricity and easing the siege imposed on the Palestinian coastal enclave.

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