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North Sinai Terrorist Attack

Sunday، 26 October 2014 - 12:00 AM


The cowardly terrorist attack against a security checkpoint in North Sinai on Friday 24/10/2014, which left scores of the Egyptian Armed Forces servicemen dead and wounded, is deemed an addition to the bright record of sacrificing blood and lives for the sake of the homeland and its safety and stability since Egypt has started its war against terrorism. This terrorism has broken out forcibly since the Egyptian people, supported by their great Army, managed to overthrow the rule of a terrorist group that seeks the support of violent Takfiri and Jihadist groups in an attempt to undermine the Egyptian State along with other States in the Arab region.
Immediately after the attack took place, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi convened an urgent meeting of the National Defense Council where they reviewed the attack and decided to implement a prompt plan for stopping terrorist operations in dear Sinai along with preventing terrorism from spiraling to other parts of Egypt. The plan is also aimed at restoring security and stability to precious Sinai. President Sisi also asserted during the meeting and at the funeral of the martyrs that terrorism will not sap the will of the Egyptian people and their ability to stand up to all dangers. The president also confirmed that this terrorist operation has been committed through foreign support.
It is well-known that the Egyptian people have given, more than once, full authorization to the political leadership to stand up to terrorism with all its forms and shapes. The Egyptian people, this way, were driving home a message confirming their aspiration to restore stability and pushing forward the homeland towards the right track in an effort to restore good growth rates for realizing development and stability.
May Allah bless the martyrs of the nation who were performing their duty in honor and loyalty for maintaining the safety and security of the homeland. Egypt will long live and no malicious plots will manage to hamper its march and nobody will be able to distort our true religion through any terrorist attack that targets innocent lives, an act that is prohibited by Allah, seeking to spread chaos and destruction in Egypt.

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