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Monday، 20 July 2009 - 12:00 AM

 A Wealth of Agricultural Resources:
Egypt commands a wealth of 9 million feddans of productive arable land where modern technology is used. These lands have an estimated value of about LE 300 billion. Yield per feddan of field, fruit, and vegetable crops has shown some of the highest rates world-wide. Under the fifth 5-year plan (2002-2007), it is targeted to raise reclaimed cultivable area to 1.1 million feddans of which 83.8 percent will be carried out by the private sector. In addition, infrastructure works will be completed on an area of 935,500 feddans of which 436,500 feddans will be carried out by the private sector at a rate of 53.3 percent. 

A Wealth of Industrial Resources: 
Egypt includes 20,000 factories and thousands of workshops that produce finished goods including those requiring high technology such as special iron, iron sheets, petrochemicals, ready-made garments and components of main utility, network and stations. The industrial wealth could be increased to threefold if modernized and marketed.

A Wealth of Tourist Resources:
In addition to the world-famous tourist resources, new tourist attractions have been created, thus boosting Egypt's position on the world tourist map.The number of tourists coming to Egypt hit 9.6 million (2006-2007 stats) search for 2008 statistics in this respect. 

A Wealth of Infrastructure and Reconstruction Capabilities:
This wealth includes gas and power stations, roads, transport and telecommunication networks. It also entails the ability to carry out and upgrade major utility projects, including dams, bridges and new integrated urban schemes. In maritime transport, Egypt has several ports spread over its Mediterranean Red Sea shores. On the Mediterranean, it has six well-organized seaports that can serve as convenient distribution points for European trade to east and west Mediterranean, the Middle East and Africa.

Suez Canal, Egypt's most important international trade artery, commands the state major attention as regards projects of revamping and performance improvements that have been implemented to raise it to international navigation technology. The canal draft is now 62 feet-deep, allowing transit of ship with a gross weight of 210,000 tons. In the air transport sector, Egypt has 17 airports and a fleet of 37 aircraft.

Paved roads extend over 44,300 km served by 81 bridges in Cairo, 21 in Alexandria in addition to dozens all over Egypt.

There is also a jumbo bridge across Suez Canal linking Asia and Africa. In communications, there are 9.6 million telephone lines and 7,169 telephone circuits in both Cairo and Alexandria international exchanges. Internet capacity shows 550 pulse/second and 140 investment companies work in the field of communications.

Egypt launched two Egyptian satellites (Nilesat 101, Nilesat 102). There are five terrestrial stations. Egypt has a time-honoured postal service rated under the first category, within the international average letter delivery time between Egypt and the outside world. 

A Wealth of Energy Resources:
Oil is a mainstay of Egyptian economy. Egypt's oil wealth is steadily growing as a result of the state stable policy towards this vital sector of Egyptian economy. Egypt's oil wealth is estimated at US Dollar 206 billion. Total added reserve of crude oil and condensates over the past 20 years have shown 5.7 billion barrels and natural gas 11 billion barrels.

A Wealth of Human Resources:
Egypt has a wealth of workforce estimated as 21 million. . The state exerts immense efforts to promote education as to graduate promising workforce capable of leading the development process, and coping up with international technological advances in production and communication. More emphasis is given to on-going practical training and education of workforce. Thanks to the government's economic policy and in spite of the negative impact of world economic slowdown, the above mentioned factors contribute to the positive indicators of Egyptian economic performance.


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