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Eid Al-Adh’ha (Greater Bairam)

Thursday، 15 October 2015 - 12:00 AM

The second annual Muslim festival is Eid al-Adh'ha. Muslims head for Mecca to perform the rituals of pilgrimage.

The most important part of these rituals is spending the night of 9th of thill'hijja on Arafat a mountain nearby Mecca.

 Hajj is one of the five basic elements of Islam. Though, it is not an obligation. It is said in Quran "…God bids people to go to Hajj. People who have the physical & financial abilities may go to Hajj. Others, who don't, they won't be blamed…".

Another ritual is to slaughter a (sheep, cow) as an oblation. The meat is to be donated to poor people. With advanced technology of abattoirs, freezers and transportation, this enormous quantity of meat, nowadays, is freighted to poor people all over the world.

About twenty years ago, the Saudi authorities reached an agreement with the Islamic countries that each country should not send more than 0.1% of its population annually to Hajj. Mecca & Medina become very crowded during Hajj, and to avoid accidents they reached this agreement. Nowadays, more than two million Muslim pilgrims may gather there annually.

Muslims greet each other on this occasion. When a pilgrim returns from Hajj, he/she is greeted by (Hajj Mabroor) which means (may God accept your penitence). Now, if you'd like to greet a Muslim friend, who understands Arabic, on this occasion, you may copy, paste & send the following:

May you have a happy Eid.

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