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Launching Suez Canal development project

Tuesday، 01 December 2015 - 12:00 AM

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi launched on Saturday, 28/11/2015,  the development project of Sharq el Tafreea’s zone in port said. Walking in the footsteps of the previous project of the Suez Canal which was completed in one year only, Sisi ordered to shorten the time schedule of the new project to two  years only, which is an extra challenge as such a project needs ten or fifteen years to be finalized.

In his speech during the celebration, Sisi asserted that the State is keen on fulfilling its promises to the citizens. He has noted before that none of the projects would be launched unless work has already started. All the required equipment have already been transported to Sharq Port Said port to start development process to render it one of the most developed ports in the world.

He also underlined the importance of deep purposeful feasibility studies of all projects before starting work and that’s to preserve and maintain the state resources and guarantee the revenues of any project on all levels: economic, social and environmental.

Sisi said that the decision of developing the Suez Canal area  had been issued since 2002.Yet  what the region  has  witnessed over the past years was not at the desired level. Therefore, the State has made the decision to proceed with the implementation of development projects in that region.

Sisi explained that Egypt has taken the hardest but the rightest way to achieve development through providing all success factors of development projects including infrastructure: roads, ports and basic services to be implemented immediately without delay.

The President stressed that nation-building is realized by cherishing values of toil, honesty and sincerity.

The President invited the media to cover the work underway in full swing in many of the projects sites to inform citizens on these projects , inject hope in their hearts and urge them to pursue the march of development and construction.

Sisi mentioned a number of challenges facing the Egyptian development process, notably terrorism, corruption and economic obstacles, stressing that the consolidation of the people and the government is the best way to overcome those challenges in order to build Egypt by Egyptians. 

Sisi stressed that the State is keen on extending development efforts to include all regions of the Republic, where those efforts will not be limited to the Canal Zone, noting that during the coming days there will be the inauguration of a million and a half million acres project, starting with ten thousand acres in Farafra area which will provide a living example of the modern Egyptian countryside.

Sisi stressed that the State is keen on setting up a national network of roads adding five thousand km where the first phase is currently being completed, and the second phase has already started, in order to connect the various industrial zones to ports and the Egyptian airports, which are currently being implemented in several areas of the Republic.

In his speech, Sisi reviewed a number of important issues that affect the lives of Egyptian citizens directly, primarily to remedy the negative effects caused by the wave of floods and rain suffered by the northern coast, particularly the provinces of Alexandria and Beheira, where action  was urgently   taken to control the situation and improve sanitation and agricultural facilities and pumping stations, as well as drawing a  plan to be implemented over two years and a half to improve drainage and irrigation in the entire Delta region.

Sisi stressed that the State continues its efforts to adjust the price and availability of food commodities, especially basic ones, thanking businessmen working in this sector for their response to the State's efforts and the spirit of understanding and responsibility that they have shown in this regard.

Sisi stressed that there is no room for businessmen to worry, marking that their efforts are most welcomed, stressing that the law represents the ruling framework for action in Egypt, and it is not permissible for any State body to violate the law.

Sisi had listened to a detailed explanation from Chairman of the Council of Ministers Sherif Ismail on the development of the Suez Canal area and related projects of the development of roads, tunnels, bridges and ports. He also listened to a detailed explanation of the development of East Port Said area from  Armed Forces Engineering Authority Chief of Staff Mr. Kamel el-Wazeer.

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